REMINDER: Comet Cup, Sunday 4th August

That’s right, this Sunday is the CSC Comet Cup!

The Comet Cup is a short knockout tournament, with 2 semi-finals, a final and a race off*, with each race lasting around 25 minutes and (as the name suggests) all participants racing in Comet class dinghies.

If you’re a member of CSC and would like to take part, please arrive at the boat park by 10:00 to help set-up and for a pre-race briefing by the duty officer.

See you Sunday!

* format may vary depending on turnout

RESULTS: Easter Egg Cup 2019

Congratulations go to Derek, who just pipped Tim to because this year’s winner of the Easter Egg Cup!

With winds of force 2-3, gusting 4, the first race was won by Derek (Comet), closely followed by Tim (Comet).

Tim came close to reversing that result in the second, leading the race for 6 laps until Derek took advantage of a change in wind direction as they neared the finishing line and, in what was very nearly a photo finish, took first place by less than half a boat length.

So the results were as follows:

  1. Derek
  2. Tim
  3. Geoff == Phil
  4. Andy
  5. Denis
  6. Jackie

Pond Pounders Pot 2018: The Results

With strong winds, 40mph gusts and near freezing temperatures, the Pond Pounders Pot took on an extra “P” this year to become the Pond Pounders Pot in Picos, with 4 brave members taking on mother nature to battle it out in the opening race of 2018.

Having had a great start, Ray looked to have taken an early lead, only to misread the course and briefly head off in the wrong direction, leaving Richard to take first place, closely followed by Neil and Janice.

Over the next few laps, Richard’s decision to reef his sail appeared to have paid off, giving him greater control as the powerful gusts swept the lake, but as the race entered the final quarter, the extra power of Neil’s unreefed sail proved decisive, as he overtook Richard on the way to Jetty and never looked back.

So, congratulations to Neil, winner of Pond Pounders Pot 2018!


# Name
1 Neil
2 Richard
3 Ray
4 Janice

Commodore’s Cup 2017: we have a winner! (Gallery)

Today’s Commodore’s Cup was not only the best attended race events of the season so far but also the most competitive, with with just 14 seconds separating 1st from 5th and less than two minutes separating the top 8 in the first race of the day.

In the first race, Richard (Laser) took an early lead and, with a few momentary exceptions, was able to stay at the front of the pack throughout, but he just couldn’t shake off the Comet fleet that remained hot on his heals right up to the last second, with Robert, John, Steven and Peter all pipping him to the post to take 1st to fourth once the CY numbers were applied.

The second race, which was almost as close as the first, with under half a lap separating the top 6, saw Valeria slice her way through the field after a poor start and into the leading pack, but it just wasn’t enough to keep Robert from taking his second victory and with it the Commodore’s Cup for 2017.

Top 10

# Name Dinghy Class Points
1 Robert Comet 0.0
2 Steven Byte 8.7
3 John Comet 11.0
4 Peter Comet 13.7
5= Tim Comet 21.7
5= Valeria Byte CII 21.7
7 Richard Laser 27.0
8 Phil & Paul Comet Duo 29.0
9 Tony Byte CII 32.0
10 Hilary’s Crew Firebird 34.0

Cup races are scored using the low points bonus system.


Icicle Trophy 2017 – we have a winner!

The Icicle Trophy certainly lived up to its name this year, with large sheets of ice present on most of the dinghies in the boat park as we arrived at CSC this morning, but that wasn’t enough to dissuade our hardy members from rigging up and getting out on the lake ready to race.

In a change from the usual format, this year’s Icicle Trophy was made up of 3 short races of ~20 minutes, with a 1 minute countdown (instead of 5) and a short break of just a 3-4 minutes between each to keep down time to a minimum in the near freezing conditions.

Showing just how competitive racing is at CSC, there was barely 6 seconds (with CY applied) between 1st and 3rd place in each of the races, but it was Richard who managed to overtake Neil at the last possible moment to win the third race by a nose to take this years trophy with two firsts and a third.

Congratulations Richard, our 2017 Icicle Trophy champion!

Pond Pounders Pot 2017 – we have a winner!

Last Sunday was the first race meeting of 2017 at Croydon Sailing Club, which of course meant it was time for the Pond Pounders Pot!

The lower wind conditions meant that mastery of the 5 essentials was, well, essential, in gaining an advantage over other members, and after just over an hour of racing it was Tony (Byte CII) who showed he had what it takes, taking first place ahead of Derek (Comet) in second and Neil (Laser) in third.

So, congratulations to Tony and a happy new year from everyone at CSC.

Storm Imogen 5 – 2 CSC

Despite forecasts of 40mph+ gusts, seven brave members took to the water yesterday to take on the might of hurricane Imogen, but only 2 had the mettle to complete the race and take those well deserved points: so, congratulations to Neil for staying the course and Joe on his first ever win at CSC!

We’d also like to say a special thanks to Peter, who took on the rather fraught job of DO, and Janice, who spent the race in the rescue boat and fished considerably more out of the lake than any of the fisherman.

Match Racing: we have a winner!

Congratulations to Neil, winner of the first ever Match Racing day at Croydon Sailing Club!

The day saw a series of closely fought 1-on-1 races around an Olympic-style course, with racers using a combination of their sailing skills and mastery (perhaps we won’t go that far) knowledge of the rules to out-sail and outsmart their opponent in any way they could, but after all the races were run, and despite some great sailing by all, Neil was able to stay just far enough ahead to remain undefeated and become our 2015 Match Racing champion!

A big thanks to Phill for taking up the role of Match Master (sounds much better than DO, right?!) and helping to make the day such a success.

Name Wins
Neil 3
Michael 2
Ray 1
Geoff 0


REMINDER: Match Racing this Sunday!

Just a quick reminder that it’s our first ever Pico Match Racing day this Sunday, 15 March. Your chance to show your skills 1-on-1 with other members and take home the exclusive CSC Match Racing mug, to keep forever.

Match Racing is open to all members: just bring yourself and your wet/dry suit to take part, nothing else needed.

See you at 10:00 on Sunday!

Vive Le Pursuit!

To celebrate the arrival of Summer at Croydon Sailing Club (for one weekend at least), we decided to give a new form of pursuit race a try: Le Pursuit.

Inspired by Le Mans, it’s a standing start on the pontoon and when the horn blows and your dinghy class is called, run to your boat, jump in a go, go, go!

A few impressive running-diving-pushing-off starts, a few not so good. A few clearly can’t tie a highway man’s hitch as well as they thought and few got it just right. All in all a fantastic day in the Sun, and congratulations to Neil (first race) and Tony (second race), winners of the first of what we hope will be many Le Pursuits.

(A big thanks to Susy for the photos!)