Contact & Membership

If you are a sailor qualified to  RYA level  2 then you will be able to join the club and use our club boats for an annual fee.   It must be noted that in joining the club there is an expectation that you play your part in running the club as well as benefit from sailing on the lake. Membership  fees  are kept  low because we expect all members to play their part in running the club by supporting Open   Days and Work Parties and fulfilling 4  racing duties per year.  In addition courses  there are some members who have trained as sailing instructors   and they volunteer  their time  to  support beginners learning to sail through Norwood Watersports.

The club runs  racing throughout the  year on Sundays.  If you prove be a regular sailor and play an active part in running the club then you can qualify to apply for a boat park space to purchase and store your own boat ,enabling keen sailors to continue their interest in sailing and racing with others within the  club.  Complete beginners, with no sailing skills must follow the Learn to Sail route  through Norwood Watersports  before joining the club.

Competent sailors – Level 2 standard can apply to the club by downloading  the membership form (pdf) and emailing it to the secretary and await instructions before paying the membership fee. If you would like more information about membership or would like to discuss anything in more detail, please speak to our Secretary, Janice Beaumont,  email

If you’re looking for sailing opportunities at South Norwood Lake specifically for children (under 18),  we encourage families to join as members, once they have completed RYA Level 1 Adults and Stage 2  Children . See Learn to sail Page for latest information.

Membership Subscription Rates for 2021 (1st January to 31st December)

Membership Rates 2023 £
Single 80
Family 120
Club Boat use annual fee 50
Boat Park (fee per boat space) * 50

Subscriptions are per calendar year.

* Availability of boat park spaces is currently extremely limited and spaces may not be immediately available; see below for further details.


Single membership is for individual adults (18+) who would like to join Croydon Sailing Club. Single members are welcome to bring their partner or children to 1 or 2 Go Sailing (non-racing) sessions each year, to give them a taste of sailing, but should upgrade to Family membership if they wish to do so on a more regular basis.

Family membership is for adults who would like to join with their partner and/or bring their children to our Family Sailing, Go Racing and Go Sailing  sessions .


Spaces are only available for sailing dinghies owned by members that have valid insurance and are actively and regular used at CSC. The boat park cannot be used for storage of dinghies that are not suitable for, primarily for use at, or not regularly used at South Norwood Lake. Any boat that is not regularly used for a period of 1 year is automatically subject to a £200 annual surcharge and must be removed from the boat park.

Due to the size of South Norwood Lake, the largest single-handed sailing dinghy allowed is a Laser. If you plan to bring a larger, double-handed sailing dinghy to CSC, please ensure that you have explicit permission from the committee before doing so, as it may not be suitable for sailing at CSC.


The club has a fleet of training boats that are mainly acquired through Sport England Grants (Laser Picos and Hartley 12.2). The fleet has been added to through the clubs own funding from its Training Budget and past members legacies; (Toppers, Comets,  Topper Byte ). These boats need to be insured and maintained and their long-term replacement needs to be provided for. Therefore the club charges members an annual fee of £50 to use these boats at its Go Sailing and  Go Racing.


Member obligations include carrying out four duties in either Winter and Summer seasons. Duties involve helping the Race Officer prepare the jetty, opening up the club house, marking off race boats on a schedule making coffee for mid racing break and helping put equipment away before locking up the clubhouse and boat park at the end of the session. Non- Racing members who attend summer Go Sailing are expected to volunteer for up to 4 sessions helping as beach master or powerboat  support driver. Beach masters carry out shore-based activities such as helping to rig, launch and retrieve boats, setting up and putting away the jetty and powerboat and take responsibility for securing the site at the end of the session. All club activities are run by volunteer members so joining the club involves helping out in some form as there are no paid staff but the benefits are that are fees are very  good value for money. 

Club members receive regular emails reminding them of sailing and social events, meetings and training opportunities.  A  Whats App groups co-ordinate last minute changes to the sailing calendar  due to duty officer / beach master requirements and weather conditions.


Our members’ privacy is extremely important to us: click here if you would like to read our privacy policy.