Mid-Summer Regatta 2016 schedule announced

This year’s Mid-Summer Regatta will take place on Sunday, 24 July 2016, beginning with racing, then breaking for lunch before the fun and games begin in our afternoon of novice and family events.

Morning: Racing

The morning is aimed at our regular racers, and we’re aiming to everything ready and on the water by 10:30, so anyone wishing to take part in this year’s Mid-Summer Regatta racing should arrive at the boat park by 10:00 to help get everything ready and ensure they sign up early. Places are limited, so don’t be late!

In a change to our usual line up, there will be three new and exciting races this year, each lasting approximately 45 minutes, with a short break between each for a briefing and any necessary preparation:

Time Description
11:00 Double handed: Racing pairs and dinghy allocation will be drawn from a hat in in CSC’s first offical double handed race! If you’re a member with a double handed dinghy that won’t be taking part, please can we borrow it? (please let Neil or Janice know)
12:00 Comets only: With Comet now the most popular class of dingy at CSC, we’ve decided it’s time to find out who the club’s top Comet sailor is in another first for CSC. If you’re a member with a Comet that won’t be taking part and would be happy to lend it to another member, please let us know!


Once the morning racing is complete, we’ll be heading back to the boat park for a cold buffet and general socialising.

Time Description
13:00 Lunch

All members are welcome and please don’t hesitate to bring any food, drinks, snacks or cakes you’d like to share.

Afternoon 1/2: All members race

Whether you’re a regular racer, a new recruit or a novice/family member, this is the race for you. To give all of our members a chance to get to know each other better, we’re introducing a fun mixed ability tag team even this year and we expect it to be a lot of fun!

Time Description
14:00 Pico Tag-team: With mixed ability teams of 2 or 3 (depending on turnout) once again drawn from a hat, this is a Le Mans style race starting from the Jetty. When the whistle blows, the first member of the team jumps into their Pico, completes a lap of the course and returns to the Jetty to swap places. The first team to complete the course, return to the Jetty and touch it with their hand are the winners!
14:50 Awards: With the day’s racing complete, awards are presented and we handover the lake to the novice and family events

Afternoon 2/2: Novice & Family Events

Assuming everything’s running on time (!), our novice and family events will begin at around 15:00 and will consist of a number of activities lasting approximately 30-45 minutes each.

The exact details are still being confirmed, but I think we can all be assured that it will be a fantastic afternoon!

Time Description
15:00 Novice & family event 1
16:00 Novice & family event 2

Look forward to seeing you there.

If you’d like to sail during a race: join the race!

With two or more opportunities for free/non-race sailing currently available every week at CSC, we now ask that any members that would like to sail during a race join the race.

New and novice members have nothing to worry about: CSC’s racers are a friendly bunch and always happy to offer hints and tips to anyone that asks, and remember that you’re under no obligation to win, all we ask is that you do your best to follow the course and the basic race rules. Joining a race is a great way to hone your skills and learn from more experienced members and if you get stuck at bog and get in everyone’s way, that’s fine, we’ve all been there and it’s all part of the unique racing experience here at CSC.

DOs, don’t forget to ask (politely, of course) all non-racing members to head back to the jetty before the race begins.


We’ve just received this great Paul’s-eye-view still from last Sunday’s race showing one of our club Picos in the thick of the action: great photo! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the video.

If you’re a member of CSC and have any stories or photos you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

RYA Level 1: little wind, big fun!

This weekend saw the first of our 2016 RYA Level 1 courses take place, and despite low wind conditions on day 1 and intermittent showers on the second day, the course was a great success, with another group of intrepid novices discovering the joys of sailing on South Norwood Lake.

At the end of the course, CSC instructor Janice reported that “we had a successful sail today, once it stopped raining, culminating in a follow my leader and 2 races in great wind conditions this afternoon”.

A good weekend had by all!

Sailing timetable changes for June

In case you didn’t receive Janice’s email this week, you should be aware that there are a few variations to the normal sailing timetable throughout June this year:

Date Time Description
Sun, 05/06/2016 09:00-11:00 Free sailing
Sun, 05/06/2016 11:00-14:00 Racing
Wed, 08/06/2016 18:00-21:00 Free sailing
Sun, 12/06/2016 N/A NO SAILING (due to training course) 
Wed, 15/06/2016 18:00-21:00 Free sailing
Fri-Sun, 17-19/06/2016 All day Cruising at Chichester (see Ray if interested)
Sun, 18/06/2016 11:00-14:00 Mid-Summer Regatta
Wed, 22/06/2016 18:00-21:00 Free sailing
Sun, 26/06/2016 09:00-11:00 Free sailing
Sun, 26/06/2016 11:00-14:00 Racing
Sun, 26/06/2016 14:00-16:00 Free sailing

Remember, duty officers must arrange their own swaps and arrive 09:45 to set up the jetty. Keys are handed on to the next person, so please come to the session before to collect the gate park keys  for the Wednesday/Sunday session.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

Youth Sailing Success!

Last week, senior instructor Simon (pictured above demonstrating a land drill for tacking), ably assisted by CSC instructors Janice and Valeria, ran the club’s first RYA Stage 1 youth sailing course.

The course took eleven 8-13 year olds from complete novices, many of whom had never sailed alone before, to being able to safely and independently sail our club Picos around South Norwood Lake.

A great success and great fun had by all!