If you’d like to sail during a race: join the race!

With two or more opportunities for free/non-race sailing currently available every week at CSC, we now ask that any members that would like to sail during a race join the race.

New and novice members have nothing to worry about: CSC’s racers are a friendly bunch and always happy to offer hints and tips to anyone that asks, and remember that you’re under no obligation to win, all we ask is that you do your best to follow the course and the basic race rules. Joining a race is a great way to hone your skills and learn from more experienced members and if you get stuck at bog and get in everyone’s way, that’s fine, we’ve all been there and it’s all part of the unique racing experience here at CSC.

DOs, don’t forget to ask (politely, of course) all non-racing members to head back to the jetty before the race begins.