RYA magazine feature promotes our Open Day Success

When the RYA publicity team asked if they could come along to our May Open Day we naturally said “Yes” as were keen to show them what our small but friendly club does each year when it opens the boat park gates and takes local residents for a taster sail.

They took lots of photos, praised us for a fantastic turnout and for being a club with great diversity.

They included our quotes on their monthly news bulletins to sailing clubs on their website along with one picture  and that was it, we thought. But…little did we know they were planning on producing a major article in their magazine  about Push the Boat Out Days across  Sailing Clubs nationwide  and  were using their great shots in the article.

Even more surprising is how the photos taken on 18th May at South Norwood lake dominate the feature with Croydon having 4 out of the 7 published.

A great tribute to the volunteer members who worked hard that day to run the event. View the magazine at the Club hut when you drop in for Sunday morning Coffee time or even better become a RYA member and enjoy your own copy of their quarterly magazine.




Le Nouveau est arrivé

Janice Ian putting Pico together Adam and Nei with his dad    First Picos on the water

Our final Wednesday evening sail turned into a PICO NIGHT when  club  members help rig and launch our new club boats for training and sailing skills development thanks to a Sport England Grant.

Club members who are new to sailing and do not have their own  boat have a wider range of club boats available to sail at either  recreational, family or racing events on our calendar.

During September it is planned to have family sailing afternoons to encourage those who have recently learnt to sail through our  summer programmes to continue to get out on the water to practise their skills and to take part in a novice race as an introduction to racing.

5 picos on the water_edited-1 The unpacking and rigging of the 6 Laser Picos are the start of a new chapter in the club’s history  with the introduction of a different class of boat and for once having start of the art club boats to offer to non boat owning members. Next year the club will be able to use the boats for Push the boat Out  open day events and for start sailing courses  with support from the RYA.

Our instructors just keep getting better!

Not content to rest on their laurels, Croydon Sailing Club instructors Neil and Janice, along with prospective instructor Valeria, headed out to Queen Mary reservoir to attend a one day seamanship skills course as part of the RYA’s Instructor Professional Development CPD programme.

Running from 09:30 until just after 18:00 in force 4-5 winds, senior instructor Steve Baverstock put all the attendees through their paces, working through all the important seamanship skills, from man overboard to rudderless sailing via lee shore landings, punctuated with amazing opportunities to throw open the spinnakers and take advantage of the fantastic conditions to plane across the wide open spaces the reservoir has to offer. And practice the occasional, impromptu capsize drill.

A fantastic time had by all, so a big thanks to Steve and Queen Mary Sailing Club for hosting a great day’s sailing.

Throwing open the spinnakers

There are more pictures from the course on Facebook and, if you’re an instructor, or training to be one, you can find out more about the RYA’s CPD training days by clicking here.

CSC vs. Hurricane Bertha

When most people woke up this morning and heard that Hurricane Bertha was making its way across south London at 60mph, they promptly decided it was time to make a cup of tea and go back to bed. But then, they’re clearly not members of Croydon Sailing Club.

So, while others were sat in bed sipping hot drinks, thunder booming, rain lashing and the wind growing ever more fearsome, Tommy, Neil, John and a brand new member decided it was time to sail, and with Gordon and Dominic as DO and ADO, that’s just what they did. Twice.

With some impressive aquatic acrobatics along the way, our four intrepid sailors took on mother nature and won, taking on everything she could throw at them to complete 2 races. Some might say, ten of the most courageous and energetic laps ever completed at South Norwood Lake.