As a member of CSC you carry out up to 4 duties per year, for example as a Race Officer on race days or Beach Master during our Go Sailing sessions.

Racing Duties

The current duty rota for Sunday racing is below. If you can’t make your allocated day(s), please arrange a swap with another member and let us know so we can update it.

I can’t make it! How do I swap?

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, it’s your responsibility to arrange cover if you’re unable to attend on the day(s) you’re currently allocated as DO or ADO.

If you have a specific swap in mind, please contact the other member(s) direct, alternatively post a message on the CSC Racing WhatsApp group with the following details:

  • Whether you’re DO or ADO
  • The date you want to swap
  • The date(s) you’re available

e.g. “Is anyone available to DO on 5th July? I can swap for any Sunday in September”