Mid-Summer Regatta 2017 schedule announced

This year’s Mid-Summer Regatta will take place on Sunday, 23 July 2016, beginning with racing, then breaking for lunch before the fun and games begin in our afternoon of novice and family events.

Time Description
10:00 Arrive at the boat park

We’re aiming to have everything ready and on the water by 10:30, so anyone wishing to take part should arrive at the boat park no later than 10:00 to help get everything ready and ensure they sign up early. Places are limited, so don’t be late!

11:00 RACE: Double handed

With teams and boat allocation drawn from a hat, the first race is aimed at regular racers and adult novicesand will see new and novice members paired up with our experience racers in two person teams

*** If you’re a member with a double handed dinghy that won’t be taking part, please can we borrow it? (please let Neil, Richard or Janice know)

12:00 RACE: Pico Tag-team

Giving all of our members a chance to get to know each other better, the fun mixed ability tag team race always proves to be a lot of fun, so whether you’re a regular racer, a new recruit or a novice/family member, this is the race for you.

With mixed ability teams of 2 or 3 (depending on turnout) once again drawn from a hat, this is a Le Mans style race starting from the Jetty. When the whistle blows, the first member of the team jumps into their Pico, completes a lap of the course and returns to the Jetty to swap places. The first team to complete the course, return to the Jetty and touch it with their hand are the winners!

13:00 Lunch & Awards

Once the morning racing is complete, we’ll be heading back to the boat park for a cold buffet and general socialising. All members are welcome and please bring any food, drinks, snacks or cakes you’d like to share.

With the day’s racing complete, awards are presented and we handover the lake to novice and family events from 14:00.

14:00 Family fun

Our novice and family events will begin at around 14:00 and will consist of a number of activities lasting approximately 30-45 minutes each.

The exact details are still being confirmed, but I think we can all be assured that it will be a fantastic afternoon!


Ancient Mariners are go!

Despite the inaugural meeting of the Ancient Mariners coinciding with the calmest three hours of the summer (gusting 2mph occasionally), six participants (five of retirement age and a younger Tim) turned up and had a good time.

Two pursuit races were undertaken and we had the good fortune to have Janice as race marshall. The early starts that pursuit races afford the Heron (Allan) and Topper (Mark) were, however, not sufficient to beat the four Comets in these conditions.

Much of the time the Comets were close to each other, adding some excitement/challenge, but in the first race Rob had a personalised gust that put him slightly ahead, giving him a clear lead that he did not relinquish. John, Ray and Tim finished in second to fourth place respectively.

Rob retired after the first race (muttering something about being tired after a morning dip in Brockwell Lido) along with Allan (“this boat is just too heavy for these conditions”) but the other four had a good second race with positions as follows: Ray, John, Tim and Mark.

Hopefully the turnout bodes well for future Ancient Mariner races, so if you would like to join them at 2pm on Wednesday afternoons, please contact John to join the WhatsApp group.

(Thanks to John for the race report)

Summer Sailing Sessions for 2017

With lots of new members joining us after this year’s RYA level 1 courses, we’re often asked which of CSC’s sailing session are the most appropriate for which members, so here’s a quick summary of the sessions that will be available during Summer 2017, and which members they target; Go Sailing indicates a leisure or informal training session; Racing indicates a race session.

NEW! Wednesday Afternoons: Racing (Ancient Mariners)

Target members: Adults

From 5 July, if you’re an adult member lucky enough to be available on Wednesday afternoons, our Ancient Mariners racing session might just be the one for you.

Open to adults only, this season starts at 14:00 (subject to confirmation via WhatsApp at 10:00) and is currently scheduled to run every week until the end of August.

Wednesday Evenings: Go Sailing

Target members: Everyone

Whether you’re a racer refining your 5 essentials, a new member building up your confidence or a family member wanting to take your partner or children on a gentle potter around the lake on a sunny Summer evening, then CSC’s unstructured Wednesday evening Go Sailing sessions are the one for you, offering the perfect environment for practice and leisure sailing.

Wednesday evening sessions run every week from 18:00 to dusk until the end of August.

Friday Evenings: Go Sailing

Target members: Novice & family members

Friday evening’s give members the opportunity to benefit from the experience of instructors Andrew and Janice during a friendly, informal training session.

Due to its popularity, you may need to book in advance for this session, so keep an eye on the WhatsApp group for start times and individual session details.

Sunday Morning: Racing (Sunday League)

Target members: Adults

Between 10:00 and 14:00 on Sunday mornings, South Norwood Lake plays host to our 52-week-a-year race sessions. We aim to have the A series (morning) race underway at 10:15 and the B series (afternoon) race at around 12:00.

Any members with at least RYA level 1 or equivalent experience are welcome, all that we ask is that you join in the race to the best of your ability.

New members often tell us they’re worried about getting in the way, but there really isn’t anything to worry about. Our racers are a friendly bunch and even those who now regularly finish near the top of the table started out getting stuck on buoys, caught in headers and inexplicably going backwards.

Participation of under 18s (other than as crew) is at the discretion of the duty officer (DO).

Sunday Afternoons: Go Sailing

Target members: Novice & family members

Sunday afternoon sessions are a mix of unstructured and informal training sessions that take place once or twice each month throughout the Summer, from around 14:00.

As these sessions are not available every week, keep an eye on the CSC website and Go Sailing WhatsApp group for dates and other details.