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Note to race officers

It’s been fantastic to see so many people racing since the start of the Summer season, but we’re still seeing race sheets handed in without the names of the duty officer (DO) and assistant (ADO) on them, or with the names of members using club boats missing.

With the great weather we’re having, the number of racers is regularly in double digits, that’s as many as 7 precious points DOs and ADOs are throwing away, and with the quality of the competition ever increasing, that could make 3-4 places difference at the end of the season.

So, remember: No name = No points.

12 new members first to gain RYA Level 1 with Croydon Sailing Club!

Congratulations to the 12 new members that have just become the first recipients of official RYA level 1 certificates under the guidance of CSC’s hard working team of instructors!

Conditions couldn’t have been much better for the two day course, hosted by Surrey Docks Watersports Center, with temperatures in the 20s and winds ranging from force 1 to 3 (that’s wind speeds of 1-10 knots or 1-5m/s for those of you that weren’t on the course), increasing steadily across the weekend, as if somehow magically linked to the on-water confidence of the fantastic group of learners.

With each instructor working with a group of 3 candidates, the course began with a gentle on-water familiarisation, giving everyone the chance to get a feel for the Topper Omega sailing dinghies and a first chance to take control of the tiller (steering), then worked through all of the essential on- and off-water skills and knowledge needed to enable them to become confident, independent dinghy sailors.

By the end, all of the candidates were able to sail up, down and across the wind, successfully keeping the boat upright even when the stronger breezes came to liven things up during day 2.

Their on (or should that be in?) water experience finished with an (optional) capsize drill, and despite the gasps and looks of horror when it was first mentioned at the start of the course, all of the candidates were actually excited to give it a go and there were even volunteers to do it again!

To cap off the weekend, the instructors took all of the successful candidates to the Wibbly Wobbly for a celebratory lemonade, and a fairly unique pub experience.

Finally, we would like to say a massive thank you to Simon Winkley, RYA Sailing Development Officer for Thames Valley & London Region, who helped organise the weekend and took on the role of Senior Instructor, without whom this course would not have been possible.

A great weekend had by all. Looking forward to seeing everyone back at the club!

And, Janice, as promised, we didn’t mention your team’s run in with the harbour wall once! 😉


Family Fun A First at Regatta

After the serious racing in the morning , family members gathered to take part in a Novice Race and Treasure Hunt on the water.

Sailing Secretary Neil commented that, ” so many new sailors who had recently undertaken our learn to sail course had joined in  and  enjoyed displaying their new skills to family members”. The Novice race was won by Anna, (learn to sail participant) who crossed the finish line just seconds after  Russ (rusty sailor course attendee)  on handicap points.

After the Novice Race enthusiastic sailors boarded their dinghies to collect as many plastic balls as possible which had been released. It was so much fun that the Club ran it again a second time. One parent  exclaimed that his daughter was rather nervous  taking to the water in the dinghy with him but once she began collecting the balls as part of the competition she stopped worrying about falling in -“it was great!”

Mid Summer Regatta Results

Superb weather and a record attendance made this event a memorable one for the Club.

Three races were organised by the sailing secretary, with a mid-morning break for coffee and sailing club logo cup cakes (thanks Vicky!) to refuel the racers. Thanks to Peter beating a rival in the third race, Ray pipped Robert to the post to become the overall winner… by a margin of just half-a-point!

Club Celebrates Sport England Small Grant Award

The Club  has received good news that its application for a Sport England Small Grant, funded by the Lottery, has been approved. The grant of £10,000 will enable the club to proceed with its plan to purchase 6  club boats for training very soon.

“We have been functioning with old club and borrowed members boats up to now; so running a regular proper training  programme has become a reality,” said the Commodore.  The club secretary advised the RYA recently that she has so many applicants who wanted to  undertake a sailing course. “We were hoping that  the Club’s bid would be positively received, so that the club can eventually become an RYA training Centre to fulfil the increasing demand,” she explained.

The fantastic news was announced yesterday at the Regatta to the group of families and regular racers who attended a social BBQ  and races.  ” We have have 26 new members who have joined to undertake some form of training to get into sailing at the lake here at South Norwood and with this new funding we can extend the  range of club boats  available for this purpose and for subsequent use  by members who want to sail  on the water with their friends and families”, commented the Secretary.

6th July Summer Regatta is here

Winds look favourable for our Annual Mid-Summer Regatta which comprises of races and a BBQ social event.

This year we plan to :-

  • Run 3 races for our regular sailors to win prizes and a trophy.
  • Hold a novice race in the afternoon: 2pm
  • Organise silly things to do for family sailors ( treasure hunt on the water)
  • Meet and chat over burgers and hot dogs cooked at the boat park grill.


See you there ….


New Safety Boat a Bonus !

Thanks to Phill, former Sailing secretary,  for  donating his spare yacht tender to use as a safety boat for the learn to sail course.” I love it”,  exclaimed Neil, ” as its so quiet you can actually speak to trainee sailors without the noise of a petrol engine in the background.” At least six members have completed powerboat training in order to use the boat to assist dinghy sailors in the water or provide coaching whilst motoring alongside anyone on the water practising skills.It gives new members the  confidence that they can assisted in the event of  experiencing difficulties on the lake. Our long term plan is to obtain funding for a conventional style RYA approved safety boat. This is a good boat to use in the  interim as it towed a heron and 2  persons to shore  easily last week.






First Learn to Sail Course a Success !

Six adults took part in the Clubs first training course for beginners using a combination of club and members boats over a period of four half days on two consecutive weekends. This period enabled racing to continue as normal and to take advantage of varying wind conditions so they had maximum time on the water.  Our six adults can now come and use club boats on Wednesday evenings or join in Sunday racing  as they can independently rig the club boats and control the dinghy on all points of sailing.  On the last afternoon they undertook a follow my leader exercise followed by a short race. The leading boats had two metres distance apart at the finish line and screams of excitement were heard when the bell was rung. One happy novice responded ,” I would like to say thank you to Janice, Neil, Mike and Denis who made the course both totally accessible to all of us and also huge fun.  We have all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and are very grateful to all the time you have given up for us.”

We look forward to seeing our new members joining in Wednesday and Sunday activities from now on.