Club Celebrates Sport England Small Grant Award

The Club  has received good news that its application for a Sport England Small Grant, funded by the Lottery, has been approved. The grant of £10,000 will enable the club to proceed with its plan to purchase 6  club boats for training very soon.

“We have been functioning with old club and borrowed members boats up to now; so running a regular proper training  programme has become a reality,” said the Commodore.  The club secretary advised the RYA recently that she has so many applicants who wanted to  undertake a sailing course. “We were hoping that  the Club’s bid would be positively received, so that the club can eventually become an RYA training Centre to fulfil the increasing demand,” she explained.

The fantastic news was announced yesterday at the Regatta to the group of families and regular racers who attended a social BBQ  and races.  ” We have have 26 new members who have joined to undertake some form of training to get into sailing at the lake here at South Norwood and with this new funding we can extend the  range of club boats  available for this purpose and for subsequent use  by members who want to sail  on the water with their friends and families”, commented the Secretary.