May BH Open Day

Thanks to everyone who booked a taster sail with us on this Bank Holiday Monday as part of the Friends of South Norwood Lake May Day celebrations. we launched 10 larger boats and a big turn out of experienced sailors enabled us to take 45 groups out on the water for a sail in light wind conditions so children helped out paddling when the wind died. Many visitors were able to take the rudder controls and try steering a sailboat. Thanks to 22 members who helped make this event successful. The donations received totalled £362 which was sent to UNHCR Ukraine Appeal.

The park was busy with visitors enjoying delicious lunches, local brewery beer and tasty coffees from The Lakes Cafe and entertainment included Clog Dancing, Maypole dancing and fun rhyme time for little ones. The plant stall raised £1000 for the Friends who do a fabulous job keeping flower beds looking beautiful and adding to the flora in the borders of this Croydon Park where so many local residents enjoy walking beside the lake and watching the many birds out on the water , especially this spring when young goslings and ducklings can be seen.

2022 Training Courses Update

2022 Courses Update:


Jack Petchey Award Winner

Our first winner of the Jack Petchey Award was anounced at Youth Training on Saturday 20th November as Imaan Khan . Imaan first came along this year to a taster session on a cold April day as part of the clubs Sport England Inniative to increase diversity amongst its youth section .

She then went on to take part in our training sessions on Saturdays and school holidays during the summer to achieve RYA Stage Certificates and becoming a competent young sailor. Below is a quote from her parents who supported her nomination for the award which demonstates why she has won.

Imaan’s character has progressed leaps and bounds since becoming a member of the Croydon Sailing Club. We are so proud of her personal achievements via the club which has been instrumental in her sailing journey. From the club’s initiative to promote sailing taster sessions via the Purley Masjid communications group, Imaan was indeed very skeptical & unwilling to try a sport which she had no background or familiarity with.  We have no one in our social circle to support Imaan in the activity or aware of anyone who is an experienced sailor. Despite this obstacle, Imaan took it as a personal challenge for herself to be able to attend the trial taster session with unknown teachers & students, a strange sport with strange terminology which has no relevance to her daily life. She loved it! It “just-clicked” with her, and it is thanks to the staff that she felt welcome.

Her enthusiasm for the sport grew weekly & she bravely decided to tackle the River Thames when the club provided an excellent opportunity coordinated by the Royal Yacht Club Greenwich. Despite being a very novice sailor, she did not get phased by the huge expanse or depth of the Thames & overcame her own fear by participating (even if we did have reservations about her capsizing). She enjoyed the trip very much. Amazingly, the event was included on Page 1 of her School newsletter to promote the sportswoman she was becoming. Her confidence has spiraled upwards via sailing & she tries very hard to understand the nautical elements often viewing YouTube videos on our way to her lessons. We are in awe of her personal commitment to the sport – initially believing that she would not return after the taster session. We are delighted that she has committed herself further and is now on her way to completing Stage 3. It is amazing to see how in a short period of time, she has gained so much confidence, leadership and team work skills in a safe environment. Thank you to Croydon Sailing Club. 

Imaan will discuss her ideas for how the money will be spent to promote youth sailing with the club’s Jack Petchey Awards Officer in the New Year.

Club Instructor receives RYA Youth Volunteer Award

Joshua Dumbrill, a member of the club team of instructors, has been presented with a prestigious national award by HRH the Princess Royal, president of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), in recognition of his exceptional generosity and commitment to the sport at grassroots level.

Joshua received a Young Volunteer Award, for youngsters who’ve shown significant dedication and commitment to their club, at the RYA’s annual awards held at One Great George Street, London on Friday 19 November.

Josh joined Croydon Sailing Club (CSC) aged 12 after learning to sail with the Croydon Youth and Schools Sailing Association (CYSSA) which operates from the same site. His interest in teaching developed and he regularly volunteered at CYSSA at weekends, becoming an RYA Dinghy Instructor. Quick to realise the benefits of unifying the two organisations to co-ordinate sailing for youth, families and adults, he has worked consistently to bring them together.

He was instrumental in putting together a bid for Sport England Tackling Inequalities Funding (TIF) to enable a substantial number of scouts and young persons from BAME communities in Croydon to try sailing and kayaking. He also spent many hours in risk assessment and planning meetings, as well as preparing equipment for the restart of sailing after lockdown, instructing every day during both phases of the TIF programme.

Josh is very generous with his time, skills and knowledge, and his helpful and jovial nature brings everyone together, putting beginners at ease. He qualified as a Senior Instructor in September and is applying for a naval training programme, while giving every spare hour to teaching young people to sail.

Josh said of his award: “ I was delighted to receive the award, and am grateful to those at Croydon Sailing Club who nominated me. Hearing that I had been selected was a complete surprise, and receiving the award from HRH The Princess Royal was particularly special.

“It was a humbling experience to meet some of the other award recipients and hear about their achievements, and it’s great that the RYA recognises the efforts of volunteers to introduce new people to our sport.”

During Spring 2021 once lockdown restrictions were eased the TIF programme continued and here Josh is seen teaching young persons how to rig a dinghy as part of a sailing taster

Rob Clark, RYA Director of Sport Development added: “2021 has been another challenging year for sailing organisations with outdoor activity restarting and restrictions slowly lifting. More than ever volunteers are the backbone of our clubs and the wider boating community, and every single award winner has made an impact by sacrificing their time and expertise so others can enjoy being on the water. It’s a pleasure to recognise their achievements”.

The RYA is boating’s national governing body and the Volunteer Awards recognise the outstanding contribution made by volunteers throughout the UK.  Not only rewarding the longest-standing volunteers but also families, committed youngsters and most importantly, those that have had an impact.   

Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award programme.

The club is very pleased to announce that the Jack Petchey Foundation has decided to include Croydon Sailing Club in their Achievement Award programme.An award winner, who must be a young person aged 11 to 25, is selected by their peers three times a year based on their achievement in the activity of the club.  As well as the winner receiving a congratulatory certificate, plus Jack Petchey’s own ‘Notes from Sir Jack Petchey CBE’ booklet, a pin badge and medallion, the winner will decide how the £250 award will be spent for the benefit of the club.  They will also have the opportunity to attend an award ceremony put on by the Jack Petchey Foundation, with their family. The club will therefore be reaching out via email to eligible young people during October in order to select our first Achievement Award winner.  The young person must have gained the stage 2 or level 2 certificate and be a club member to be considered for the award. If you have not heard from the club by the 20th October and think you or your child/ward should be considered for the award please let us know. The Jack Petchey Foundation
Sir Jack Petchey CBE created the Jack Petchey Foundation to inspire young people and recognise the amazing contributions they make to society. To do this the Foundation has invested over £124m in programmes that benefit young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex. More is available on the Jack Petchey Foundation website

Duty Rota Starts from 17th May 2021 following Government road map easing

All, welcome back to the eagerly anticipated Regular Sunday Racing!

For those that have not been before, it is friendly whilst still being competitive, new people very welcome.

Please sign up the week before using the google sheet.

Arrive at the boat park at 10 am in time for a 10.30 race start. 

Changing rooms will be open, but better to arrive dressed and ready for a prompt start..

There will be a tea/coffee break and debrief before a second race.

Duty Officer/Assistant Duty Officer duties will also be restarting

There is a separate google sheet with these duties listed and there will also be an email reminder.

We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

Return to Regular Sunday Racing and Duty Rota from 17th May 2021

All, welcome back to the eagerly anticipated Regular Sunday Racing!

For those that have not been before, it is friendly whilst still being competitive, new people very welcome.

Please sign up the week before using the google sheet as before but this time limit on sailors on water is 12 boats and sign up for a club boat also

Arrive at the boat park at 10 am in time for a 10.30 race start. 

Changing rooms will be open, but better to arrive dressed and ready for a prompt start..

There will be a tea/coffee break and debrief before a second race.

Duty Officer/Assistant Duty Officer duties will also be restarting. 

There is a separate google sheet with these duties listed and there will also be a reminder email

We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

Richard, Sailing Secretary

12 April- 17th May 2021 Members Required to Book your session

From 12th April to 17th May 2021 according to the Government Copvid 19 Road Map for return to outdoor sports only a maximum of 6 persons or two households are permitted to take part in outdoor sports at one time. Hence we run timed sessions with a gap between to ensure we adher to the rules. Changing rooms may now be used but only one hosehold or bubble allowed at a time in each room.

The club requires members to book a session, either Sunday or Wednesday until 17th May when new rules may come into place . Times are on the spreadsheet.

Please use this link to the google spreadsheet to state which session you would like to attend and if you would like to reserve a club boat .

Return to Sailing Notice to Members 29th March 2021

I am sure you are keen to get back on the water and we write now to give clarity to the arrangements and Covid rules that the club must follow as the Government’s Road map plans come into play .

The RYA has produced a sailing road map to help guide clubs as they re-start sailing; which you can read here

In summary, the parts that apply to us from 29th March are detailed below and on our website Covid Update 29th March:

  • You can go boating. Outdoor sports facilities including sailing clubs can reopen.
  • Will it be possible for people from different households to sail together in the same dinghy?  Yes, provided this activity is organised by an RYA club, qualified instructor, and follows RYA guidance
  • Sailing with mixed households is possible as part of activity that is not organised activity e.g Go Sailing, but this must conform with the wider social contact regulations, which include social distancing and the Rule of 6/two households. So, CSC needs to regulate who turns up for sailing by organising through whats app chat
  • Can we organise on the water activity such as racing events? Activity organised by an RYA club, qualified instructor, and follows National Governing Body (NGB) guidance can resume and will not be subject to the legal gathering limits. This is because the organising body has considered the risks and set out ways to mitigate them so people can participate safely
  • Organised sport participation events such as regattas can take place outdoors and are exempt from legal gathering limits. If the activity is not organised by one of these groups it is considered to be informal or self organised sport and is subject to the Rule of 6/two households. CSC will start by having informal racing on Wednesdays and Sundays where members can agree a course, pursuit time delay starts are agreed, and one member agrees to blow the whistle for start and finish of the race. PB2 qualified helms can volunteer to organise a race from the powerboat on the water. There is no requirement for members attending to join in.
  • Gatherings that are not part of the boating activity are subject to the rule of 6/two households. Participants should adhere to social distancing when not actively participating (e.g. around the boat park). Social interaction before boating activity should only take place outdoors, and in separate and distinct groups consisting of up to 6 people or two households
  • Can indoor facilities and changing rooms open? Indoor facilities and changing rooms, should not be used at this time apart from by persons with a disability or in the case of an emergency. If the changing facilities are being used in either of these circumstances, users should be informed that these are areas of increased risk and they should minimise time spent inside. Toilet facilities can be accessed.
  • Are we able to provide support to other people, even if that means close contact? Yes. Social distancing should be maintained where possible, but in some circumstances, people will need physical assistance to be active. It is important to discuss this with the people involved and consider everyone’s needs and preferences. This is covered in the RYA Guidance referred to above and was informed by existing guidance from Government and organisations working with blind people.

The principles are to:

  • Check with everyone involved that they are happy to proceed
  • In the first place, offer support from within the same household or support bubble; if that is not possible try offering verbal instructions or provide equipment that reduces the need for support
  • If you do need to offer and receive support between people from different households then seek reassurance that everyone involved is symptom free, come up with a plan, limit the time spent at less than 2m, avoid face to face contact as much as possible, reduce the number of contacts people have and consider face coverings

Finally our Covid Risk Assessment asks that you sanitise your hands before opening padlocks and door keys and also wash hands afterwards. Limit the number of persons handling the keys and padlocks.

Club boats to be used by only one person per day. If a 3 day interval between use cannot be achieved (e.g pico used for training) the boat should be cleaned, using anti viral spray kept in kitchen cupboards down the corridor from toilets. 

Follow signs for social distancing when using the toilets

One person to prepare jetty and one person to close the jetty

Max. 2 persons on the jetty at any one time. After launching, prepare your boat and sail off jetty so another boat can be launched. Aim to rig your dinghy in an area where you can socially distance from other sailors.

Session times allow for members to pack away boats and leave the boat park before the next group arrives.

Where numbers of requests to sail exceeds rule of 6; the Sailing Secretary (Sunday) and Ancient Mariners Secretary (Wednesday) will make a decision as to who it is fair to accept/reject aiming to spread opportunities to sail as fairly as possible.

Wednesday Night Go Sailing will recommence on 12th May from 5:30pm after the weekly Adult training course has completed on 5th May.

Get Afloat Croydon

This is the poster that has been sent out to Community Groups
working with young people in Croydon . Only referrals can book these taster sessions

The RYA Training Centre is getting prepared for a time when organised outdoor sports can be resumed which we hope will co-incide with Spring and the Easter school holidays. Our first priority is to offer try sailing sessions for young persons living in Croydon referred to us by Community groups. These young persons will have been identified as not having had the opportunity or means to take part in water sports before .

These sessions can ONLY be booked for young persons referred to the Centre by groups taking part in the project . If parents are looking to book general learn to sail sessions then they will have to wait a while longer.

General youth beginner training will start once our committment to completing Get Afloat Croydon has been completed and will be advertised on the Learn To Sail web page.

Covid-19 Update: 5th November 2020

Croydon Sailing Club is now closed until 2nd December 2020 .

The RYA has provided the club with clarification as to how the Government restrictions affect our club members and sailing activities as follows :

Croydon sailing Club must close its grounds and facilities.

Sporting activity at a club venue is not permitted.

Recreation is only permitted in an outdoor public space ( the lake, public slipways and parkland) but members are not permitted to access the boat boat park to rig and launch a dinghy on the lake.

Only esssental maintenance may take place – something that can not wait – such as preventing a boat from being damaged after the wind has removed the cover or it has blown over off a trolley.

Whilst travel to do recreation exercise is permitted – you may not travel to the boat park to remove a dinghy to your home or to take to another location to launch from a public slipway and sail.

Further information this can be found on the RYA website

Covid-19 Update: 13 July 2020

Dear Members, 

Well done those of you who have become accustomed to booking Eventbrite time slots and club boat use which is now into its 6th week- so welcome back to many club boat user members – remember any member who is thinking of coming back now to club sailing must arrange a COVID Procedures briefing( zoom ) with The Secretary before booking on Eventbrite. The Covid committee  has reviewed government easing of restrictions and how we are social distancing at the club so the club is able to make some adjustments as follows : 

  1. To support family/ youth  members who have not sailed in a long while and may be reluctant to get back on the water without a rescue boat, Josh Dumbrill, dinghy instructor, will be supporting wednesday afternoons over the next few weeks by patrolling in the rescue boat providing on water instruction and a briefing session for a group of 6 family/ youth members. Safety boat guidance from the RYA;  those who have had proper training  can  support members by using   following safety measures : powerboat  helm  can help those  who have capsized by providing verbal advice from a safe distance as to how to right a boat; powerboat helm can  lift the top of the mast to help right the boat, can tow a dinghy from the rear horse rope  and in case of emergency only- can  rescue  a sailor in medical difficulty on the water  follow RYA Guidance as to how get a person out of the water and ashore at arms length. rya guidance video The strop example of a step we will investigate whether we can fit one to our coaching boat and will provide a box of masks as shown . 
  2. RYA Guidance advises that we can have groups of 6 at the same time provided they do not mix and social distancing is maintained on and off the water. As a result, you will now  see  2 sessions for family and youth  3:30 to 5:30 and 5;30 to 8pm plus  2 sessions for adults only at these times. Social distancing in the boat park will therefore become more challenging  and we will monitor whether this can be achieved over the next few weeks. 
  3. Ancient Mariners do not need to book on eventbrite for a time slot between  10-12 or 12:30 – 3pm as this is now organised by John Prideaux on Ancient Mariners whats app chat  and is available to any member who can attend wed daytime  and no starting adult age – SO THESE TIME SLOTS HAVE NOW BEEN REMOVED FROM EVENTBRITE. HOWEVER ANCIENT MARINERS USING CLUB BOATS MUST BOOK A BOAT ON EVENTBRITE.
  4. The Waterside Centre has fitted a hand sanitiser to the wall outside the disabled toilet. Be Aware that on Sundays Cricket has resumed but they will use toilets only and not changing rooms.  
  5.  Members may organise a race informally – e.g. Ancient Mariners arrange  a  pursuit race.  Example -members can agree a course then set stopwatch  to time  say 3 laps from leaving jetty to return-, setting off at intervals and comparing  finish times. 
  6. Other Lake Users .Fishing returned on 15th July so take in the jetty mark after your racing session . There is a notice  put up by Croydon to make it clear that  kayaking. paddleboarding  and free swimming is not permitted – this is because the water quality is not checked weekly by the Council so they cannot permit these activities. green algae is building up so the Club has agreed to purchase more vegetable dye to block sunlight and this will be topped up on wednesday evening. 
  7. The club is admitting new members who are competent sailors– they must complete an induction / Covid Briefing session on site before sailing.
  8. No beginner training will take place during 2020. 

Covid-19 Update: 5th June 2020

Dear members,  The Covid 19 committee have reviewed procedures  and risk assessments in the light of Government changes to restrictions on outdoor  exercise;  Government update 01/06/202  You may gather with up to 5 others in groups providing social distancing is maintained. and competitive sport can take place but  is restricted to elite Teams e.g Olympic sailors-  so no  official  organised racing  should take place.   Following on from the clubs previous notice,   there are the following changes :-

  1. Sunday and Wednesday sailing with now be divided into  two sessions limiting numbers attending to 6 persons
  2. Club boats may be booked to be used by only one household per day ( i.e. a pico number 1 can not be sailed at 10-12 am by one adult and then sailed by another person 12;30-2:30).
  3. A club boat that has  been sailed must be packed away and labelled indicating that it cannot be used for 72hours. 
  4. Members wishing to sail to comply with maximum of 6 gathering  must book a time slot using Eventbrite – which will open 1 week before session and close one hour before first session of the day concerned. Whats App will not be use to reserve a time slot or a club boat.

Members  who wish to sail club boats should join in a zoom meeting to be briefed about procedures before attending their first session on the lake. A zoom meeting is planned for Friday  8pm and saturday 10am  . Please email me  if you wish to attend so I can send you a link to join the zoom meeting .Here is a link to the first event booking on Eventbrite Sunday 7th June booking

Covid-19 Update: Keep safe, stay at home and carry on training

The club has kept members in touch and connected through the lockdown period – “Stay at home, protect the NHS. Save lives period” through weekly Wednesday night Virtual Quiz sessions and 4 weekly training sessions run virtually by Kimbell Coaching .

Ben Kimbell received lots of praise from members who logged into a webinar on Refresher sailing on Monday nights and Racing tips and tricks on Tuesday nights. It has improved our knowledge and enthusiasm for dinghy sailing and helped members stay connected with the Club. Sadly some members could not join in as they have been working long hours from home but we hope to see them soon on the water and practise some of the exercises suggested by Ben by holding instructor workshops.

Covid-19 Update: 21st May 2020

COVID-19: Return to Sailing Phase 1 
  Dear Members,   

The Committee is working hard to bring about as swift a return to sailing and club  activities as soon as possible, while taking into consideration both Government and  RYA guidance. We must balance our responsibilities towards the safety of our  members with the aim of enabling sailing to take place, albeit limited in its scope. We  must ensure our actions and the actions of all members are in line with the latest  guidance and do not put Club members or other park users at increased risk.  

  Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 12th May, and further information  published recently regarding the release of water activities practiced on open  waterways, we are pleased to be able to initiate a gentle return to activities.   

Croydon Sailing Club will be adhering to the following RYA Guiding Principles: 

1. We will always follow Government guidance 

2. We will take a considerate and conservative approach: 

a. Considerate:​ be mindful of the potential impact you could have on other  water users, and do not place unnecessary extra strain on the emergency  services. 

  b. Conservative​: help to minimise risk by taking an extra-conservative  approach to your boating. 

  The club plans to introduce a phased return to club activities:  Phase 1: ​Go Sailing to start for members who have their own boats. The maximum  number of boats/households on the water subject to further review, currently a  maximum of ten. Club dinghies are not available for use by members at the current  time as the club needs to clarify Government/ RYA guidance on cleaning the dinghies  and the period to put them in quarantine until safe to be used by another sailor . 

Phase 2: ​Club boats will be made available for members to use during Go Sailing,  subject to review by the CSC COVID-19 Committee.    Phase 3: ​This will involve the introduction of some form of organised sailing.    Therefore, in accordance with our Phase 1 plan, the boat park will be open from ​Sunday  24th May​ to allow members to sail their own boats.    In line with Government guidance, members ​should​ ​not attend the Club ​if:  ● They have displayed COVID-19 symptoms in the past seven days.  ● Anyone in their household has displayed symptoms in the past fourteen days.  ● They have been advised to shield by the NHS or by their GP.  ● They are in a vulnerable group.  More information can be found on the NHS website: /    At this stage, the Club is unable to provide organised sailing (including racing) or safety  boat cover. You must, therefore, sail within your limits and be able to self-rescue. ​Any  water activities are therefore undertaken at your own risk​. We ask that you please 
sail in a safe and considerate manner, taking into consideration your own ability, and  the wind strength and direction.

Phase 1:  Go Sailing will initially take place ​only​ on Wednesdays from 2pm till close of park and  on Sunday mornings from 10am-2pm, with an additional session for Bank Holiday  Monday 10am-2pm (subject to interest). Please note that Avenue Road is blocked off for  through traffic.    Please inform the Secretary either by email or via WhatsApp or if you are intending to visit the site  and go sailing.

The COVID-19 Committee will be organising an virtual briefing to inform  members of new procedures that have been put in place. This briefing will be  compulsory for any members wishing to visit the site. If you cannot access Google Meet  please ring the secretary for other arrangements to be made. 

  Members are requested to always follow the Government guidelines regarding social  distancing, both on and off the water, to help protect your fellow members. The  Government guidelines can be found here: ​​. 

New procedures in place at Croydon Sailing Club:  

  Note: There will be no safety boat cover   

1. Current restrictions mean that members will only be permitted to sail their own  dinghy with members of your own household in Phase 1. This may unfortunately  restrict some members’ access to the water. We will keep all members informed  of any updates to Government guidance. 

  2. Sailing ​will not​ be permitted where the wind strength is forecast as gusting  Force 5 or above, marked in yellow, orange, red etc according to for South Norwood Lake. 

  3. Sailing alone is not permitted under any circumstances – there must be a  minimum of two dinghies on the water. Members must organise a ‘buddy’ with  whom to sail – if there is no-one else is willing to sail at the same time as you, you  may not sail. You must therefore sail within your limits and be able to self-rescue. 

  4. Masthead floats will be compulsory for all sailors, to prevent inversion in the  event of a capsize. You will need to provide your own float. We will advise what  an appropriate masthead float will be at the online briefing.    

5. Buoyancy Aids remain compulsory for any member on the slipway, jetty or out  on the water; you should wear your own. We suggest that you consider wearing  a helmet. Members can be allocated a Helmet or Buoyancy Aid if they do not  have one -to keep for the duration of Phase 1 if requested. Please make this  request to the Secretary. You may wish to purchase your own buoyancy aid. 

    6. The Race Hut will remain closed until further notice, as will the changing areas of  the Waterside Centre. You must, therefore, arrive dressed ready to sail. Toilets  will be accessible provided members follow the Covid 19 hand washing  procedure (additional guidance provided at online briefing and signage). 

  7. Club members must be aware that you will be touching padlocks, gates etc. that  others may have touched before you and will touch after you, therefore you  must protect yourself and others. It is recommended that you wear gloves, wash  your hands after touching these areas and use hand sanitiser afterwards. 

8.  If you are planning to work on a dinghy, please undertake this at a time outside  those scheduled for sailing. 

    9. We will not be accepting any further dinghies into the boat park at this time. 

10. Anyone developing Covid 19 symptoms subsequently after visiting the club must  inform the secretary so that a clean can take place following Government  guidance.

It is ​your​ responsibility as members to ensure that these procedures are followed. The  Committee will not assume an ‘enforcement’ role. Please be mindful that the nature of  our premises is such that we are on display: the Lake and the boat park is visible to park  users, and there will be no shortage of people willing to make their own judgements  about whether we are, for instance, gathering in large groups or not adequately  distancing, and they may inform the local authorities. 

  The COVID-19 Committee has worked to produce a comprehensive risk assessment  which will be made available on the website, and is attached at the end of this letter.  Further guidance and updates will be published on the Club website on a new  COVID-19 page, and will be distributed to our members. The Committee will review the  operation of independent sailing on a weekly basis.    Finally, please be considerate of the fact that the Committee receives Government and  RYA advice and guidance only when it is made publicly available. We must take time to  ensure that the safety of our members and that of other park users is not put at  increased risk, and therefore must take a measured and careful approach. We ask that  you bear with us while we seek to provide sensible boundaries and protection for all  our members; we have all your interests at heart.    If you have any concerns or questions about any aspect of our approach please do let  the Committee know.   

We look forward to being able to sail with you. 

  CSC COVID-19 Sub-Committee  21st May 2020 

Dates for Your Diary

PLEASE NOTE: All activities from 21st March onward are subject to cancellation or postponement due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Saturday 7th March Racing Rules Advisory panel Members training

Sunday 8th March – Racing Forum 2-4pm . A presentation on racing, designed for both newcomers and those who want to brush up on their knowledge of the rules. This forum will also help anybody doing an ADO or DO duty as we will be covering race management.

Saturday 14th March First Aid Training

Saturday 21st March 5-9pm Club Social American Supper including AGM and Presentaion of Summer Programme

Friday March 27th Family Youth Fridays start -4:30-6:30pm

Saturday 4th April 10-4pm Volunteers Day . Refreshers sessions on rigging, sailing and launching; Powerboat helms refresher training and update; moving boats in boat park and repositioning of topper/ pico rack; install rack roof; site tidy grass cutting; boat cleaning.

Saturday 4th April First aid Training for Assistant Instructors and Members who are regular beach masters or Duty Officers

Thursday 16th / Fri 17th April Youth RYA training Start Sailing and Improvers 10-4pm

Weekend 25/ 26th April RYA Level 1 Start Sailing Course so no racing or Go sailing during training

Wednesday 29th April Wednesday, Friday Evening and Saturday Afternoons Sailing Starts.

Weekend 23/24th May RYA Level 1 Start Sailing Course so no racing during training

Sunday 14th June Try Sailing Taster Day 10-4pm All members support is needed to offer a taster sail to locals interested in sailing. We ask a donation £10 per boat to our efforts in organising this day and all funds raised go to chosen charities

Saturday June 28th Go Sailing Regatta for Adults and Youth Sailing members . From 2-8pm Fun and games for all on the water with shared picnic and barbecue.