Get On Board

Croydon Sailing Club RYA Training Centre became a recognised Get On Board Club in April 2019. This means the Training Centre is aiming to offer more opportunities for young persons to get out on the water and acquire sailing skills. The Get On Board Programme is a learning and personal development plan to helps children and teenagers develop life skills through sailing training : Confidence; Teamwork; Creativity; Communication; Determination and Independence.

This is the second year that girls from Old Palace Of John Whitgift School have taken part in learn to sail training at the end of a school day at the lake.

Quote from pupil school sports report :” Over the course of five lessons we learned a lot stuff, for example: how to rig a boat, how to turn the boat, and how to move to the other side of the boat when turning. During the sessions I also made new friends from other years, this was because we were put into different groups with different people every time. The teachers were also very kind, on the last session of training we had the chance to practice capsizing but some of us didn’t want to capsize, Janice, our teacher encouraged us to try but didn’t force the ones who didn’t want to try to capsize. ”

Determination to have a go at capsize practice

New Members Start Sailing Courses April and May 2019

The club congratulated 11 adults on completing their RYA Level 1 Training course this Spring who have joined the club and continue to visit the lake at weekend and evening sessions to practise their new skills. Students The April course was visited by Storm Hannah but despite the strong winds all 5 students managed to get sufficient practice to finish off the weekend with short races and changing dinghies from single hander to double hander.

Ladies Nights

From the end of April Female Instructors have been running sessions on Wednesday Nights to encourage more Women members to get out on the water and to Start racing. These have been running for 10 weeks now with an average attendance of 6. We had hoped that teenage girls would be able to join in but with too much homework they do not have the time – hey teachers give them a break!

Regualr attendance has improved skills and well done Eva for obtaining many firsts past the finish line.

RESULTS: Mid-Summer Regatta 2019

On 23rd June, more that 20 members headed down to South Norwood Lake for our annual Mid-Summer Regatta, with 15 taking part in the on water activities, including families and juniors, regular Go Sailing attendees and racers.

The first event was a triple-hander, with teams of three sailing three laps of the lake, swapping helm at the end of each lap.

After a short pit-stop for a cup of tea, the second race was our popular Pico Tag event, this year seeing 5 teams of 2, with each member doing 2 laps each, swapping after each lap.

And with everyone refuelled after lunch (a big thanks to everyone who contributed something), the final event of the day saw three teams of 4 taking part in another “tag” event, this time with 2 members doing a lap each of the lake in Picos, with the remaining members of the team (plus one of the Pico sailors as crew) doing 2 laps in the Hartleys, with each lap helmed by a different team member.

With all 3 races complete, we added up the scores (using the racing system of 0 for 1st, 3 for second, 5.7 for third and so on) for everyone that took part in all 3 events and the top 5 was:

  • =1st (8.7) – Danny
  • =1st (8.7) – Paul
  • 3rd (9) – Andy
  • 4th (13) – John M
  • 5th (13.7) – Dirk

A fantastic day had by all, and a big thanks to co-DOs Richard and Neil for making it such a great success.

REMINDER: Mid-Summer Regatta 2019 on 23 May

Just a quick reminder that it’s our annual Mid-Summer Regatta on 23rd June 2019, meeting at 10:00-10:30 with the first race scheduled to start at 11:00.

The event is open to everyone, regardless of whether you normally attend our racing or Go Sailing sessions, and is a chance to meet, sail with and get to know members that you might not normally see.

On the day, there will be 3 or more team-oriented events throughout the day, with a cup of tea after the first and a buffet lunch at around 13:00, with everyone asked to bring some food to share.

Look forward to seeing you on 23rd!