It floats!

After many weeks work on the boat,
It was time to see if it would float.
Janice got brave,
And with a rock and a wave,
The Wayfarer floats like a dream!

Summer is here!

It’s the first day of the CSC Summer season today and it’s great to see so many people making it down to the lake:


Winter 2015-16: Results

With the Summer season getting under way today, it’s time to announce the Winter results, so here are the season’s top 5s:

Series A

The first race of each Sunday race meeting throughout the season is the A series.

# Name Points
1 Ray  42.5
2 Neil  30.0
3= Joe  27.0
3= Tony  27.0
5 John  26.0

Series B

The B series is made up of all the races we’ve had after the coffee break (the second race of the day) during the Winter season.

# Name Points
1= Neil  29.0
1= Ray 29.0
3 Robert 25.5
4 Janice 21.0
5= Joe 13.0
5= John 13.0

All Seasons: Half-time report (A+B)

The All Seasons trophy goes to the member who has won the most points at the end of the Summer season when we combine Winter A+B with Summer A+B, and at the half-way stage the current results are:

# Name Points
1 Ray  71.5
2 Neil 59.0
3 Robert 50.5
4 Joe 40.0
5= John 39.0
5= Tony 39.0


A massive congratulations to Ray and Neil on winning this season’s A and B series, but that’s not the whole story:

  • By taking joint first place in series B, Neil becomes the first member whose primary dinghy is a Laser ever to win a series at CSC
  • Joe is the youngest member of CSC to finish in the top 3 in at least 10 years (and possibly the entire history of CSC)
  • John has shown exactly why he won our 2015 Most Improved award, breaking into the top 5 of both the A+B series for the first time
  • Based on her average results, Janice might have won the B series if she’d been in just two more races
  • While a 30 point spread between first and fifth at the half-way point of the All Seasons trophy might seem like a lot, turnout in the Summer season means there can be >50% more points up for grabs, so the competition is still wide open!


RYA CPD Days 2016

The RYA has just announced its instructor training days for London & South East.

If you’re a member of CSC who is already an instructor, or a member who is seriously thinking about becoming an instructor in the future, the RYA’s career and personal development (CPD) days are a must, offering a full day of friendly and informal training with a qualified senior instructor for just £25.

You can see all of the relevant dates and locations in the green section at the top of the poster (above), and book any days you’re intested in here.

Still not sure what a CPD is? Take a look at this post about how our instructors just keep better better!