Winter 2016-17: Results

A little later than planned, but it’s (finally) time to announce the Winter 2016-17 results, so here they are, and I think the B series results might just surprise everyone!

Prizes will be presented during the coffee break next Sunday and the full results should be in your email inbox shortly.

How are the results calculated?

Following our successful switch to the new 14-1 scoring system during the 2015-16 season, meaning the winner always gets 14 points regardless of turnout, we’ve continued to evolve the way results are calculated this year so that the result for each series are now made up of each members’ best 10 results, rather than all of the results in the series.

With a typical season made up of around 20 races, this means you can now afford to have the occasional bad week and aren’t penalised if you can’t make it down quite as often as you might have liked.

Series A

The first race of each Sunday race meeting throughout the season is the A series.

# Name Points
1 Tony 114.0
2 Geoff 109.0
3 Neil 94.0
4 Robert 86.5
5 John 80.0

Series B

The B series is made up of all the races we’ve had after the coffee break (the second race of the day) during the Winter season.

# Name Points
1 Geoff 97.0
2 Neil 84.0
3 Tony 71.0
4 John 64.0
5 Robert 59.5

All Seasons: Half-time report (A + B)

The All Seasons trophy goes to the member who has won the most points at the end of the Summer season when we combine Winter A+B with Summer A+B, and at the half-way stage the current results are:

# Name Points
1 Geoff 206.0
2 Tony 185.0
3 Neil 178.0
4 Robert 146.0
5 John 144.0

Just for fun: Best 10 results (A & B)

And finally, just for fun, let’s take a look at what happens if we use the best 10 results from the Winter season, regardless of series (and it couldn’t be much closer!):

# Name Points
1 Geoff 131.0
2 Tony 128.0
3= John 125.0
3= Neil 125.0
5 Robert 124.0


With Tony showing that he’s still the one to beat in the A series, holding off the competition by 5 points to maintain his title, it’s fantastic to finally be able to congratulate Geoff on a well deserved win in the B series, having finished in the top 3 more times than I can count in recent years.

So we know who the winners are, but who are the other ones to watch this Summer?

  • After breaking into the top 5 in 2015-16, John is creeping up the charts one position at a time, so we’re expecting that trend to continue
  • Richard and Robert finished 6th and 4th in the A series, respectively, but both have been averaging of 11 points per race, so keep an eye on them as attendance increases in the Summer season
  • Neil maintained his position in the top 3 of both the A and B series, but can he maintain his form in what are normally less Laser friendly Summer conditions at South Norwood Lake?
  • David and Paul were our highest placed Pico sailors this season, and with both regularly scoring of 8-10 points per race, will they break into the top 5 this Summer?

The Rise of the Ancient Mariners (Wednesday afternoon racing)

It’s my pleasure to announce a new racing session coming to Croydon Sailing Club: Ancient Mariners (Wednesday League)

That’s right, starting on 5 July 2017, adult members lucky enough to be available from 14:00 to 17:00 on Wednesday afternoons can now join us at South Norwood Lake for a new, informal race session.

John will be coordinating the sessions via a new WhatsApp group, making a decision at around 10:00 on the Wednesday morning whether to proceed and issue “Go” or “No go” message; for it to be “Go”, there must be a forecast wind speed in the range 6-15mph and at least three confirmed participants would be required (wind speeds are to ensure that we are at least moving but hopefully not capsizing).

If you’re an adult member interested in becoming an Ancient Mariner and haven’t already been in touch with John, please contact us and we’ll pass on your message.

This session is for adults only: family members should continue coming to the lake at 18:00 for our regular Wednesday evening Go Sailing sessions.

Image courtesy of The Granger Collection.


Charity Pursuit: Race report

Hot off the press, we’ve just received a race report for today’s Charity Pursuit from Richard (DO):

A gusty charity pursuit race over 90 mins with the wind dropping away resulted in a closely contested battle and a tight finish.

Arthur and Milo in a Pico led after the first lap before concentrating on the capsize drill. The lead was held for three laps by David and Paul in the Comet Duo before the faltering wind damaged their chances.

Tim in the first of the Comets looked to have the race in the bag and led for the next five laps, but after swapping the lead with Ray several times, it was Ray who eventually prevailed and held on to win.

Dirk was third for eight laps of the twelve lap race before being reeled in by Neil’s Laser after hitting the last windward mark. Tony and Steven, in Byte CIIs, had their own titanic battle, with Steven leading throughout before being overtaken by Tony in the last minute to finish fifth and sixth respectively. 

Honourable mentions to Geoff, Richard and Patrick who made up the rest of the fleet.

REMINDER: Charity Pursuit this Sunday, 25/06/2017

That’s right, this Sunday, 25 June 2017, is our annual Charity Pursuit race.

The race will start at 10:30 and entry to the 90 minute pursuit is via a £5 per dinghy donation, so don’t forget to bring those shiny new waterproof fivers with you on the day to give to DO Richard or Phil.

Conditions are expected to be good, with temperatures in the low 20s and wind speeds of around 7mph, gusting to 12. As always, we’re limited to 14 dinghies on the lake, so be sure to get there early to avoid disappointment.

All proceeds from the race will go to RYA Sailability and/or other local sailing-related charities.

Good luck!


June Calendar 2017

Here’s  our planned events this month.

Wed 14th June  Go sailing    Beachmaster – PH

Fri 16th June  Progress Your sailing – informal training especially for those new to double handers  – Instructors JB & AA   Beachmaster  JH

Sunday 18th June   Summer Series  races  at  10:15  11:15  & 12:15  Duty officers PG  & TW

Wed 21st June  Go sailing   Beachmaster GSE  &  MSC

Friday 23- 25th Tollesbury weekend – coastal sailing and camping

Sunday 25th June  Charity Pursuit race in aid of the Norwood lakes Playground Fund  Duty Officer  JP   & AK

Wed 28th June  Go sailing  Beachmaster DL

Friday  30th June   Progress Your Sailing -informal training  – Instructors JB   Beachmaster  KR

Sunday 2nd July  Summer Series races  at  10:15  11:15  & 12:15  Duty officers  RS  & WB

Wed 5th July  Go sailing  Beachmaster  KK  & MR

Friday 7th July Progress Your Sailing -informal training  – Instructors JB   Beachmaster  PM

Sunday 9th July Summer Series  races  at  10:15  11:15  & 12:15  Duty officers  CG  & TL




Breezy Sunday Racing

Only 9 intrepid boats ventured out into the Force 4- 5 winds with gusts to Force 6 that caused many a capsize.

The heron dinghy may be old but its stable.


The lasers,  having  a larger sail area, took many a capsize but our sailing secretary didn’t get wet  unlike a new member who survived at least 6 wet capsizes – trying to get to grips with his laser – a big change from picos in which he trained for RYA level 2  last year ” Yes, but I am having a great time  out here today “.


Racing has become popular this summer with newly trained members having a go, so the club is currently trialling 3 races each week to cope with demand, but yesterday there was a lower than usual turn out due to the strong gusts pushing across the lake and swirling around the north perimeter where most capsizes took place.

Thanks to Phil (professional photographer) for taking these action shots to record the spectacle.

The winner of the first race in his Byte CII stayed out of the water, finding the sport enjoyable but exhausting.