RESULTS: Golden Shackle 2019

The Golden Shackle marks the beginning of the Winter Season and is unique in the CSC racing calendar, being the only cup race that takes place across 2 consecutive Sundays. This year’s race took place on 20th and 27th October, with two races in each session and the winner decided using the best 3 of 4 results under the bonus point system (where 1st = 0, 2nd = 3, 3rd = 5.7, etc).

With 12 members taking part, the first leg saw nearly half the fleet come away with less than 20 points and at least one score in single digits, so there was all still to play for.

However, as members stopped for a coffee break on week 2, it was clear that the field was narrowing, with Tim picking up 2 wins and a 4th (8 points) and Rob a win, a second and a 4th (11 points). Could Tim hold on? Or would Rob up his game to snatch the trophy?

#NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Best 3Tie break
3John M8331014
11Tim M1817

That’s right, with Rob finishing in 1st place and Tim in second, both players finished on 3 points, and with their dropped result added back in as a tie break they both had 11, so in another CSC first, this year’s Golden Shackle was declared a tie.

Congratulations to Rob & Tim, this year’s winners of the prestigious Golden Shackle trophy!

Wet or dry suits REQUIRED from 15 November 2019

With the weather rapidly getting colder, we recommend that all on-water participants at CSC now wear a wet or dry suit, which will be compulsory from Sunday, 17 November 2019 until the end of March 2020.

If you’re looking to buy a new wet or dry suit for the Winter, there are lots of bargains to be had online right now at sites like Amazon and Wetsuit Outlet, but it’s important to make sure you get one that’s suitable for the conditions.

For a wetsuit, that means a 5mm or thicker full length suit, which includes suits labelled “3/5mm”, “4/5mm” or similar, meaning they have slightly thinner arms to help you to move more freely.

You may also want to consider buying a rash vest to go underneath, which not only prevent your wetsuit rubbing and chafing, but also helps to keep you a little bit warmer.

No wet or dry suit means no sailing, no exceptions.

Cold feet?

We often have members complaining about getting cold feet around this time of year, so if you’re suffering from chilly toes, we highly recommend getting yourself some neoprene wetsuit socks like these.

RESULTS: Hartley Head-to-Head 2019

With forecasts of heavy rain, thunder and lightning at South Norwood Lake in the lead up, it was a great surprise when DO John’s WhatsApp message arrived first thing on Sunday morning to confirm that the that the inaugural Hartley Head-to-Head was going ahead, with twelve members turning up to take part on what thankfully turned out to be a dry and breezy, and capsize free (just!), day.

Organised into six teams of two, the teams completed three rounds of a round robin tournament, with each race consisting of two laps around a triangular (In-I-B-H) course, with the helm and crew swapping after the first lap. There were a number of standout moments, but the highlight (for spectators anyway) must surely have been when Geoff & Oliver almost beat John M and Rob in the last stretch of their race despite a disastrous start involving a detached boom.

The efficacy of the teams was born out by every sailor succeeding in winning at least one race! After 9 races three teams had won two races and three had one win, thus providing the perfect opportunity of two final race-offs using all three Hartleys, resulting in the following placings:

  1. Tony & Valeria
  2. Tim & Richard
  3. Rob & John M
  4. Andy & Neil
  5. Steve & Jackie
  6. Geoff & Oliver (with John M standing in for Geoff in last two races)

The best race time of the day was achieved by Andy &Neil in the final race-off, finishing the race in just 8 minutes 9 seconds.

We were honoured to have our Commodore present the winners cups to Tony & Valeria, and post-race chat indicated that it had been a successful event enjoyed by all, so it definitely looks like it’s going to be an annual fixture on the Sunday racing calendar.

So, a massive thank you to DO John and ADO Arthur for making our inaugural Hartley Head-to-Head such a fantastic success… Although perhaps we won’t let members choose their own partners next time 😉

Adapted for web from original race report by John. Images courtesy of Denis and Geoff.