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If you’re a member of Croydon Sailing Club and have something you’d like to share with, let us know!


If you want to share stories of you’re sailing adventure, tell others about a fantastic venue or experience, or tell the world about anything else sailing or club related via our website? Email your submissions, with one or more digital photograph attached, to using the subject “Website submission”.

Things to consider:

  • Don’t forget that everything on the website is public, so don’t include anything you wouldn’t be happy tell a complete stranger
  • On the web, a few words go a long way, so keep it short and to the point
  • We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published
  • Submissions may be edited before publication


If you’re on Facebook, don’t hesitate to post your pictures and stories to our Facebook page, like the great photos Tommy recently added following his recent trip to Lake Balaton in Hungary to see the Blue Ribbon 2014 sailing races.

Look forward to hearing from you!