CSC vs. Hurricane Bertha

When most people woke up this morning and heard that Hurricane Bertha was making its way across south London at 60mph, they promptly decided it was time to make a cup of tea and go back to bed. But then, they’re clearly not members of Croydon Sailing Club.

So, while others were sat in bed sipping hot drinks, thunder booming, rain lashing and the wind growing ever more fearsome, Tommy, Neil, John and a brand new member decided it was time to sail, and with Gordon and Dominic as DO and ADO, that’s just what they did. Twice.

With some impressive aquatic acrobatics along the way, our four intrepid sailors took on mother nature and won, taking on everything she could throw at them to complete 2 races. Some might say, ten of the most courageous and energetic laps ever completed at South Norwood Lake.