Commodore’s Cup 2017: we have a winner! (Gallery)

Today’s Commodore’s Cup was not only the best attended race events of the season so far but also the most competitive, with with just 14 seconds separating 1st from 5th and less than two minutes separating the top 8 in the first race of the day.

In the first race, Richard (Laser) took an early lead and, with a few momentary exceptions, was able to stay at the front of the pack throughout, but he just couldn’t shake off the Comet fleet that remained hot on his heals right up to the last second, with Robert, John, Steven and Peter all pipping him to the post to take 1st to fourth once the CY numbers were applied.

The second race, which was almost as close as the first, with under half a lap separating the top 6, saw Valeria slice her way through the field after a poor start and into the leading pack, but it just wasn’t enough to keep Robert from taking his second victory and with it the Commodore’s Cup for 2017.

Top 10

# Name Dinghy Class Points
1 Robert Comet 0.0
2 Steven Byte 8.7
3 John Comet 11.0
4 Peter Comet 13.7
5= Tim Comet 21.7
5= Valeria Byte CII 21.7
7 Richard Laser 27.0
8 Phil & Paul Comet Duo 29.0
9 Tony Byte CII 32.0
10 Hilary’s Crew Firebird 34.0

Cup races are scored using the low points bonus system.