Temperatures down, attendance up!

Despite temperatures dropping below 1°C and many of us having to scrape ice off our dinghies before we could get set up, 13 intrepid members turned up for last Sunday’s Winter season race, a record turnout for a January race (at least since I’ve been Sailing Secretary).

It was certainly chilly, but otherwise a beautiful winter sunshine day with light but consistent winds throughout (by South Norwood Lake standards anyway).

Images courtesy of members Phil (top) and Luke (bottom).

Pond Pounders Pot 2018: The Results

With strong winds, 40mph gusts and near freezing temperatures, the Pond Pounders Pot took on an extra “P” this year to become the Pond Pounders Pot in Picos, with 4 brave members taking on mother nature to battle it out in the opening race of 2018.

Having had a great start, Ray looked to have taken an early lead, only to misread the course and briefly head off in the wrong direction, leaving Richard to take first place, closely followed by Neil and Janice.

Over the next few laps, Richard’s decision to reef his sail appeared to have paid off, giving him greater control as the powerful gusts swept the lake, but as the race entered the final quarter, the extra power of Neil’s unreefed sail proved decisive, as he overtook Richard on the way to Jetty and never looked back.

So, congratulations to Neil, winner of Pond Pounders Pot 2018!


# Name
1 Neil
2 Richard
3 Ray
4 Janice

Winter 2016-17: Results

A little later than planned, but it’s (finally) time to announce the Winter 2016-17 results, so here they are, and I think the B series results might just surprise everyone!

Prizes will be presented during the coffee break next Sunday and the full results should be in your email inbox shortly.

How are the results calculated?

Following our successful switch to the new 14-1 scoring system during the 2015-16 season, meaning the winner always gets 14 points regardless of turnout, we’ve continued to evolve the way results are calculated this year so that the result for each series are now made up of each members’ best 10 results, rather than all of the results in the series.

With a typical season made up of around 20 races, this means you can now afford to have the occasional bad week and aren’t penalised if you can’t make it down quite as often as you might have liked.

Series A

The first race of each Sunday race meeting throughout the season is the A series.

# Name Points
1 Tony 114.0
2 Geoff 109.0
3 Neil 94.0
4 Robert 86.5
5 John 80.0

Series B

The B series is made up of all the races we’ve had after the coffee break (the second race of the day) during the Winter season.

# Name Points
1 Geoff 97.0
2 Neil 84.0
3 Tony 71.0
4 John 64.0
5 Robert 59.5

All Seasons: Half-time report (A + B)

The All Seasons trophy goes to the member who has won the most points at the end of the Summer season when we combine Winter A+B with Summer A+B, and at the half-way stage the current results are:

# Name Points
1 Geoff 206.0
2 Tony 185.0
3 Neil 178.0
4 Robert 146.0
5 John 144.0

Just for fun: Best 10 results (A & B)

And finally, just for fun, let’s take a look at what happens if we use the best 10 results from the Winter season, regardless of series (and it couldn’t be much closer!):

# Name Points
1 Geoff 131.0
2 Tony 128.0
3= John 125.0
3= Neil 125.0
5 Robert 124.0


With Tony showing that he’s still the one to beat in the A series, holding off the competition by 5 points to maintain his title, it’s fantastic to finally be able to congratulate Geoff on a well deserved win in the B series, having finished in the top 3 more times than I can count in recent years.

So we know who the winners are, but who are the other ones to watch this Summer?

  • After breaking into the top 5 in 2015-16, John is creeping up the charts one position at a time, so we’re expecting that trend to continue
  • Richard and Robert finished 6th and 4th in the A series, respectively, but both have been averaging of 11 points per race, so keep an eye on them as attendance increases in the Summer season
  • Neil maintained his position in the top 3 of both the A and B series, but can he maintain his form in what are normally less Laser friendly Summer conditions at South Norwood Lake?
  • David and Paul were our highest placed Pico sailors this season, and with both regularly scoring of 8-10 points per race, will they break into the top 5 this Summer?

Icicle Trophy 2017 – we have a winner!

The Icicle Trophy certainly lived up to its name this year, with large sheets of ice present on most of the dinghies in the boat park as we arrived at CSC this morning, but that wasn’t enough to dissuade our hardy members from rigging up and getting out on the lake ready to race.

In a change from the usual format, this year’s Icicle Trophy was made up of 3 short races of ~20 minutes, with a 1 minute countdown (instead of 5) and a short break of just a 3-4 minutes between each to keep down time to a minimum in the near freezing conditions.

Showing just how competitive racing is at CSC, there was barely 6 seconds (with CY applied) between 1st and 3rd place in each of the races, but it was Richard who managed to overtake Neil at the last possible moment to win the third race by a nose to take this years trophy with two firsts and a third.

Congratulations Richard, our 2017 Icicle Trophy champion!

Winter is coming (and it’s the AGM this Sunday)

The second leg of the Golden Shackle this Sunday, 23 October 2016, marks the end of an amazing Summer season and reminds us that it’s time for the CSC AGM.

During this year’s AGM, which will start at around 12:30, we’ll be discussing all the fantastic progress that the club’s made over the past year and talking about the year ahead. Alongside the Goldle Shackle itself, we’ll also be presenting trophies for both Summer Season A & B and the coveted All Seasons trophy.

There’s no end of season break: Winter Season starts on 30 October (with wet or dry suits required from mid-November).

Winter 2015-16: Results

With the Summer season getting under way today, it’s time to announce the Winter results, so here are the season’s top 5s:

Series A

The first race of each Sunday race meeting throughout the season is the A series.

# Name Points
1 Ray  42.5
2 Neil  30.0
3= Joe  27.0
3= Tony  27.0
5 John  26.0

Series B

The B series is made up of all the races we’ve had after the coffee break (the second race of the day) during the Winter season.

# Name Points
1= Neil  29.0
1= Ray 29.0
3 Robert 25.5
4 Janice 21.0
5= Joe 13.0
5= John 13.0

All Seasons: Half-time report (A+B)

The All Seasons trophy goes to the member who has won the most points at the end of the Summer season when we combine Winter A+B with Summer A+B, and at the half-way stage the current results are:

# Name Points
1 Ray  71.5
2 Neil 59.0
3 Robert 50.5
4 Joe 40.0
5= John 39.0
5= Tony 39.0


A massive congratulations to Ray and Neil on winning this season’s A and B series, but that’s not the whole story:

  • By taking joint first place in series B, Neil becomes the first member whose primary dinghy is a Laser ever to win a series at CSC
  • Joe is the youngest member of CSC to finish in the top 3 in at least 10 years (and possibly the entire history of CSC)
  • John has shown exactly why he won our 2015 Most Improved award, breaking into the top 5 of both the A+B series for the first time
  • Based on her average results, Janice might have won the B series if she’d been in just two more races
  • While a 30 point spread between first and fifth at the half-way point of the All Seasons trophy might seem like a lot, turnout in the Summer season means there can be >50% more points up for grabs, so the competition is still wide open!


DO checklist for Winter sailing

Everyone knows that ADOs and DOs are responsible for getting everyone to sign on and off, preparing the hut and pontoon, getting the safety boat ready and making sure the kettle’s boiled for half-time coffee, but with Winter very much upon us, it’s more important than ever that DO/ADO’s ensure everything else is ready to go (including the members) before racing can being, so here’s 5 things you might not have thought of:

  1. Are all members wearing an appropriate wet or dry suit?
    Until 3 March, if anyone isn’t wearing a dry suit or 5mm+ full length wetsuit, they can’t go on the water. There are no exceptions.
  2. Do all members have appropriate experience for the conditions?
    With new, and often less experienced, members joining all the time, don’t be embarrassed to ask members, particularly those you might not recognise, about their experience and use your best judgement to decide whether they should be allowed to take part. If it’s blowing force 7 and they’ve only been sailing for a few weeks, short term disappointment is better than being put off long term by a bad experience.
  3. Are members taking out appropriate club dinghies with appropriate sail settings?
    If you see an inexperienced member rigging a Byte when a reefed Pico would be more appropriate to the conditions, say so. It will prevent club equipment being damaged and save you rescuing them a few minutes later.
  4. Have all club dinghy sails been furled when not in use?
    Strong winds can do real damage to the sails, which cost several hundred pounds to replace, and can really hurt if you get hit by one that’s whipping in the breeze, so if a member’s left a club boat’s sail flapping when it can be furled, like the Pico’s, ask them to furl it.
  5. Have you set an appropriate course?
    You should always ensure that the course starts with everyone sailing into the wind and if there’s a very strong wind, avoid gybes. Just because everyone’s wearing a wet (or dry) suit, it doesn’t mean they want to go for a swim.

Our priority is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, and by taking a few extra precautions we can ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Happy Winter sailing!