Merry Christmas!

As we complete the final race of the year before taking a short festive break, we’d just like to take a moment say thank you to all of our members for making 2019 another fantastic year at CSC and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

See you on 5th January 2020 for the Pond Pounders Pot followed by a social in the Waterside Centre from around 2pm; all members welcome, bring along left over Christmas fare to share.

Updated weather guidance for DOs (and today’s fantastic winter race)

With forecast wind speeds of 20mph+ and gusts of nearly 40mph at South Norwood Lake, today’s race was the first to implement CSC’s new adverse weather guidelines for DOs.

On this occasion, despite the forecast, the race went ahead and 7 adventurous members had a fantastic first race (even if 3 did retire), and 4 even decided to continue battling mother nature in a second, with many choosing to take advantage of the club Picos and Hartley 12.2s. And judging by the messages on the racing WhatsApp group, it was almost as much fun to watch as to take part!

A massive thank you to Kathy (DO), Maria & Carl (ADOs), and Robert for an enjoyable day and all your help in the safety boat.

So, what are these new guidelines?

With the possible exception of an extreme weather warning or very heavy rain on the day of the race, CSC recommend that any decision regarding whether a race should go ahead by a duty officer (DO) should be made at the lake, taking into account factors including:

  1. Based on the conditions at the lake on the day of the race, are you confident that you will, with the help of your ADO or ADOs, be able to assist any member who gets into difficulty during the race? (No = no go); and
  2. Are all of the members wishing to take part in the race experienced enough to handle the conditions? (No = politely tell them that they can’t take part, it’s better for a member to be disappointed once than be put off for life by a bad experience)

Races should go ahead wherever possible, but do not feel pressured into going ahead with a race if you are not confident that it can be run safely.

Photograph courtesy of Kathy.

Fisherman releases 1,000 fish into South Norwood Lake in memory of his mum

A lifelong fisherman has donated more than 1,000 fish in commemoration of his mother, to help give a lasting boost to the population in South Norwood Lake.

John Vincent worked with Croydon Council staff to bring about 500 tench and 500 bream to the lake in memory of his mum Betty Vincent, who died in September 2018 aged 90.

For full article, see Croydon & Sutton Guardian article here.

Each of the fish were 4 years old, weighing 8 or 9oz (225-250g) each, bred at a fishery in East Devon

Members Tony and Richard were there, plus representatives from the council, press and fisherman, and of course the guy that bought the fish, about 20 in total.

Mini Pursuit Cup 2019: Results

With a chill wind and forecast gusts of up to 28mph, it was great to see so many members turn out for this year’s Mini Pursuit Cup on Sunday, 1 December 2019.

The 60 minute pursuit (it is “mini” after all) saw the club Topaz head off first, followed a minute later by the Comets, the Byte CIIs 3 minutes after that and finally the Lasers.

As the race progressed, the fleet of Comets began to spread out, with Tim, Andy and John M breaking away at the head of the pack, and the Lasers cutting through from the back, having overtaken Tony’s CII, following a wrong turn at Bog that left him in a dead spot, but as the Lasers tussled for position, Neil’s attempt to gain the advantage instead meant his course was not made so good, leaving him floundering at Hermit, watching Richard round the mark and disappear off in the direction of Island.

With the race coming to a close, Tim, John M and Andy had managed to extent their lead over the rest of the Comets, but with just one lap to go Andy (claiming he had heard the finishing bell) relaxed a little too soon and capsized at bog, literally falling out of the top 3. Richard, meanwhile, had made his way past all but one member of the fleet and was lining up to sneak through on the inside when… Ding! Ding!

And so, after 60 minutes, the results were:

  1. Tim (Comet)
  2. Richard (Laser)
  3. John M (Comet)

So, congratulations to Tim, a big thanks to Robert (DO) and Mark (ADO) for running a great race, and hat tip to Martin, who stayed upright for the entire race and and finished in a respectable 7th place in the club Topaz, despite it being just his second time taking it out.