RESULTS: Ancient Mariners 2019

Ancient Mariners is our league for those lucky enough to be able to sail on a Wednesday afternoon, typically starting just after Easter and continuing until it gets too dark/cold to carry on some time in October or November, consisting of two 30 or 45 minute pursuit races each week.

With over 40 races this year, results are calculated using the best 20 scores, or all races if <20 were entered, subject to agreed personal handicaps.

And the winner is…

1John M258

So, Congratulations to John M, this years champion Ancient Mariner!

League table

RESULTS: Sunday League 2018/19

Croydon Sailing Club’s racing year runs from October to October, divided at Easter into Winter and Summer seasons and then into an “A” (morning race at 10:30) and “B” series ( afternoon race at 12:00), with stand-alone cup races roughly once a month throughout the year, with awards presented at the annual AGM.

However, with this year’s AGM moved from Winter to a more member friendly date in the Spring and then cancelled due to COVID-19, the 2018/19 results are being announced a little later than usual, but I’m sure you’ll agree they were well worth the wait!

Results for each series are based on top 10 scores or all scores if <10 raced, subject to agreed personal handicap.

Winter 2018/19

The Winter season that ran from October 2018 to Easter 2019.

A series

The first race of the day, at 10:30:

2Tim L81.0

B series

The second race of the day, at 12:00, after the tea break.

1Tim L66.0

Summer 2019

The Summer season that ran from Easter to October 2019.

A series

The first race of the day, at 10:30.

1=John M122.0
3John P117.0

B series

The second race of the day, at 12:00, after the tea break.

1John M123.0

All Seasons

The All Seasons prize goes to the member who performed best across both Winter and Summer seasons and the A and B series, and this year it couldn’t have been closer!

1=Tim L316.0

So, congratulations to all our deserving winners, and I hope to see you back at the club once the COVID-19 pandemic is over to give you all your prizes!

Full league tables are being made web ready as I type, and we’re aiming to have them online soon.

WINNER: Most Improved 2020

Each year we present an award to the member of Croydon Sailing Club that has demonstrated exceptional progress in their sailing, whether that’s through their race results, demonstrating substantial improvement in their sailing skills or through their participation in club activities to the benefit of other members.

This year’s award goes to a member that started sailing through our RYA Level 1 & 2 training programmes, progressed their skills through our non-racing sessions, has become a big part of our Go Sailing activities and now regularly takes part in Sunday morning racing.

The winner of CSC’s Most Improved 2020 is… Kevin!

Congratulations on all your great sailing this year, keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing where you go from here.

We’ll present you the much sought after prize mug as soon as sailing activities resume.

Covid-19 Update: 22nd March 2020 – No sailing until further notice

It is with great regret that, in light of recent recommendations from the UK government, RYA, Sport England and others, CSC will be suspending sailing at South Norwood Lake until further notice.

We will be keeping guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic under constant review and will let members know of any changes via all the usual communication channels.

For further information about COVID-19, please visit the NHS website.