RESULTS: Pico Match Racing 2019

After being delayed for several weeks due to extreme weather conditions, our annual Pico Match Racing event, which celebrates the first race meeting of the year that wetsuits are no longer compulsory with a series of 1-on-1 races in a round-robin format, finally took place on 17 March, and despite the chilly and rather gusty conditions, 13 members turned out to take part.

With DO Stephen in charge, racing got underway at 10:30 around a triangular course, with each race made up of just a single lap starting between Jetty mark and the pontoon, around Island and Hermit markers and back again.

By the time racing paused for a well earned tea break, all participants had completed 3 races, but just 2 had managed to keep a clean sheet, John M and Neil, who were lined up for a final race off, which couldn’t have been closer.

John got a fantastic start, leading as they rounded the first mark, but it was almost neck-and-neck by the time they reached Hermit, where John turned decisively towards Centre on a single tack strategy and Neil decided to head close hauled straight for the finish line, but whose tactics would pay off?

Half way to the finish, Neil had pulled slightly ahead, but John’s decision was clearly paying off, rapidly picking up speed as he turned towards the line… and if the course had been just a metre longer it might have worked, but Neil held on by a nose to clinch victory and become our Pico Match Racing winner for 2019!

So, after a 4 way race off between members with 2 wins, the final results were:

  1. Neil
  2. John M
  3. Richard

REMINDER: Pico Match Racing – 3 March 2019

To mark the end of wetsuit season, it’s time for our annual Pico Match Racing event! For those of you who haven’t taken part before, here’s an introduction from DO John:

Next Sunday (3rd March) is the annual Pico Match Racing trophy for which I’m DO. The normal race format is suspended for the day and only the four Picos being used for the races (2 racing and 2 getting ready for the next race) will be allowed on the lake.

Pico Match Racing will ideally be a round robin tournament (everyone races everyone else once) but if turnout is too high then the default will be that everyone has the same number of races.

The winner of the trophy will be the member who wins the most races — if it’s a tie, the overall winner is the person who won when they raced each other; if they haven’t raced, there will be a final race off.

The course will be short, with just 2 or 3 buoys and a single lap. There will be a one minute start (three short blows will warn of the imminent one minute start whistle so that you can set your stop watches and the next whistle will be the start).

After the race is over, please get the boats back to the jetty ASAP for handover so the next race can be started without delay.

In order to fit in as many races as possible I hope to start the first race by 10:30am, so please can participants turn up by 10am and rig up 4 Picos – just main sails, no jibs.

See you on Sunday!

Pico Match Racing – 12 March 2017

Congratulations to Tony who used  the 5 essentials to get the winning edge on the 12 participants  of our match racing session .  It was one on one around a very short  course as there was  little wind  and all competitors raced each other in turn.  Tony won the best of 4 races.

Such concentration was required to get first past  the finish line that Robert forgot about the dangers of getting too close to the lake edge .

Trico- Rob met his Match at the finish line to be  passed by Tony  !!!

Getting a good start was key, setting sails and using weight to influence speed in such light airs.


Match Racing: we have a winner!

Congratulations to Neil, winner of the first ever Match Racing day at Croydon Sailing Club!

The day saw a series of closely fought 1-on-1 races around an Olympic-style course, with racers using a combination of their sailing skills and mastery (perhaps we won’t go that far) knowledge of the rules to out-sail and outsmart their opponent in any way they could, but after all the races were run, and despite some great sailing by all, Neil was able to stay just far enough ahead to remain undefeated and become our 2015 Match Racing champion!

A big thanks to Phill for taking up the role of Match Master (sounds much better than DO, right?!) and helping to make the day such a success.

Name Wins
Neil 3
Michael 2
Ray 1
Geoff 0


REMINDER: Match Racing this Sunday!

Just a quick reminder that it’s our first ever Pico Match Racing day this Sunday, 15 March. Your chance to show your skills 1-on-1 with other members and take home the exclusive CSC Match Racing mug, to keep forever.

Match Racing is open to all members: just bring yourself and your wet/dry suit to take part, nothing else needed.

See you at 10:00 on Sunday!