REMINDER: It’s the Firebug Pursuit this Sunday (20/11/2016)

Don’t forget that this Sunday, 20 November 2016, is the re-scheduled Firebug Pursuit race!

If you haven’t entered a pursuit race before, it’s slightly different to our regular races and works something like this…

Instead of everyone starting at the same time, and then using our CY numbers to work out the race positions at the end, a pursuit sees the start time of each class of dinghy set based on its CY number (i.e. how fast it is). So, if you’re sailing a Pico or a Heron, you’ll start first, with Comets starting several minutes later and Lasers quite a few minutes after that. The winner is the person at front after 90 minutes.

And, because we’re feeling generous, novice members will get an extra minute (or so) head start before we release the regulars.