This Sunday: Match Racing! (06/03/2016)

That’s right: this Sunday, 06/03/2016, is your chance to win a much coveted CSC mug in our annual Pico Match Racing event!
For those not familiar with match racing at CSC, it’s a 1-on-1 round-robin competition designed to test members’ skills and knowledge of the race rules, and their ability to use both to outmanoeuvre and outsmart their opponents.
If your knowledge of the race rules are getting a bit rusty, there’s some great resources available right here on the CSC website, including a race rules summary PDF and even a racing rules game.
We’re expecting a good turnout this year, so please get to the boat park as close to 10:00 as possible, so we can get as many races packed into the day as we can.
See you on Sunday!