Results for 2013-14

Well, as Summer 2014 draws to a close, it’s time for the analysis and wild speculation about the 2014-15 season to begin! But, before it does, here’s a summary of the results for 2013-14:

Winter 2013-14

Building on his form from the previous season, Winter 2013-14 was largely dominated by one individual, who has clearly found his groove after switching to the Byte CII class from Heron a number of seasons ago. But, with just over 10 points separating 2nd from 6th in the A series, the competition was clearly hotting up, with Robert showing that he was the best of the rest.

A Series

Position Name Points
1st Tony 51.5
2nd Robert 40.5
3rd Ray 37.0

B Series

Position Name Points
1st Tony 57.5
2nd Robert 40.0
3rd Geoff 35.5

Summer 2014

After finishing head and shoulders above the rest in the Winter series, Tony was nowhere to be seen in the top 3 for the A series, but clearly benefited from a nice strong coffee at half-time, pipping Neil to first place in the B series by a single point! Despite his disappointment at being pushed into second place by such a narrow margin, however, Neil’s efforts made him the highest placed Laserer (is that a word?) in the club’s history, which may offer a crumb of comfort.

A Series

Position Name Points
1st Ray 86.0
2nd Philip 80.5
3rd Peter 73.0

B Series

Position Name Points
1st Tony 60.0
2nd Neil 58.5
3rd Peter 50.5

All Seasons 2013-14

The all seasons trophy goes to the best performing sailor when all 4 series are combined, and with a win in the both the A and B Summer series and B in the Winter, the overall winner probably came as no surprise, with Ray and Geoff showing that a strong, consistent performance throughout the year can put you in a great position overall.

Position Name Points
1st Tony 240.0
2nd Ray 206.0
3rd Geoff  179.5

Cup Winners

Alongside the 4 series that make up the racing calendar, Croydon Sailing Club have hotly contested cup races once every 4-6 weeks, and with 6 different winners it shows just how competitive CSC has become!

Date Event Winner
 18/04/2014  Easter Egg Trophy Derek
 25/05/2014  Firebug Pursuit Michael
 06/07/2014  Mid-Summer Regatta  Ray
 06/07/2014  Mid-Summer Regatta (Novices) Anna
 20/07/2014  Commodore’s Cup Tony
 16/08/2014  Charity Pursuit Michael
 14/09/2014  Croydon Armada Tony
 19/10/2014  Golden Shackle Peter


What’s the fun in having a set of results if you can’t use them to speculate and make wild predictions for the future? Well, here are mine…

Favourite: Tony

With a stellar performance last Winter and a B series win in the Summer, Tony has got to be odds on favourite to retain at least one of his Winter titles and possibly even the All Seasons trophy, hasn’t he?

One to watch: Philip

Finishing a single point outside of the top 3 in the Winter A series and pushed into second place by just 5 points (less than a single DO duty) in Summer A, I predict that Philip will continue this great form to win at least one A series during 2014-15.

Dark horse: Geoff

Despite not troubling the top 3 of either Summer series, Geoff’s strong overall performance throughout the year gave him third place in the All Seasons. If he can finish an average of just one place better in each race of any given series during 2014-15, he’s in with a great chance winning the series. My prediction? Geoff will finally win one of the 4 series during 2014-15.

Up and coming: Tommy

With a recent seamanship skills course under his belt, rumours of regular practice sessions at Queen Mary reservoir and his recent performance in the club’s new Picos, Tommy shows all the signs of a future contender. Expect to see him rapidly moving up the rankings during 2014-15, giving some of the longer standing members a real run for their money.

What do you think?

Do you agree with these predictions? Or think they’re nonsense? Got any predictions of your own? Why not let us know via Twitter or Facebook!