Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award programme.

The club is very pleased to announce that the Jack Petchey Foundation has decided to include Croydon Sailing Club in their Achievement Award programme.An award winner, who must be a young person aged 11 to 25, is selected by their peers three times a year based on their achievement in the activity of the club.  As well as the winner receiving a congratulatory certificate, plus Jack Petchey’s own ‘Notes from Sir Jack Petchey CBE’ booklet, a pin badge and medallion, the winner will decide how the £250 award will be spent for the benefit of the club.  They will also have the opportunity to attend an award ceremony put on by the Jack Petchey Foundation, with their family. The club will therefore be reaching out via email to eligible young people during October in order to select our first Achievement Award winner.  The young person must have gained the stage 2 or level 2 certificate and be a club member to be considered for the award. If you have not heard from the club by the 20th October and think you or your child/ward should be considered for the award please let us know. The Jack Petchey Foundation
Sir Jack Petchey CBE created the Jack Petchey Foundation to inspire young people and recognise the amazing contributions they make to society. To do this the Foundation has invested over £124m in programmes that benefit young people aged 11-25 across London and Essex. More is available on the Jack Petchey Foundation website https://www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk/